Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Macrovita Papaya & Avocado Body Butter

Hello Ladies !!
 I hope you are all doing well and you have been enjoying the lovely sunny weather these last couple of days ! I decided today to do a review of a body butter that i have tried before but because i never had a blog then i couldnt rave about it anywhere. When i saw during summer that a magazine was giving this away for free , yes thats right - i couldnt resist! 

Macrovita Body Butter in Papaya and Avocado  
As i mentioned above this came free with a Greek magazine during summer and yes i have only started using this due to the fact i have so many body lotions and i put them in order so they dont expire! This body butter again as i mentioned before i have in the blue version which was the water lilly and pearl. It smelled so good i used it up in a matter of days !! 

Macrovita do not test on animals and if im right in saying so they also are organically cultivated. This particular body butter i have right now says that it is suitable for all skin types which i agree to and i have also noticed that within the ingredients there are lots of vitamins and they also explain what each one does (very useful) . 

They recommend you apply this after showering with gentle massaging motions until it is fully absorbed, which is what i do as well. There is an English and Greek translation on the packaging which is very clear and accurate and lets not forget handy! The packaging itself is a plastic tub which i love, for some reason i love body lotions in tubs , does anyone else love them ?! As soon as a i finish this tub im going to wash it out and make a diy body scrub probably and store it in here. I love the fact that the color of the butter , colors the packaging because its see through. 

The butter itself is not too thick and not too thin , its just perfect. The scent is this beautiful summer fruit sorbet like smell , i know it says papaya and avocado but it also reminds me of Peach Snaps (the alcohol beverage) . The butter blends in really well and easily which is always one of my main concerns when purchasing body creams/ butters as i am a lazy body lotion person. The fragrance of this butter lasts on your skin and doesnt leave your skin feeling greasy. 

The only thing that i find negative is the price, which is around 13 euro. For some this price is nothing for others i know its expensive the only thing that i can think of that makes the price more sensible is the fact that its organic and the quality. This product depending on how often you apply cream will depend on how long this will last. I am half way through and i have been using this for about 3 weeks. Would i buy this again of course i would but probably the water lilly and pearl one again , its so addicting. 

Official Website HERE

Have you tried Macrovita ?! Have you tried this product ?! Do you prefer body lotions/butters in tubs or plastic bottles?! 

Kisses xo


  1. Ωραίο review! Το μόνο πράγμα που έχω δοκιμάσει από macrovita είναι μια μάσκα μαλλιών που μου είχε δώσει δωρεάν ο φαρμακοποιός μου (είναι τέλειος). Ήταν μονοδόση και όχι δείγμα. Μύριζε κόκκινο σταφύλι και ήταν φανταστική. Με προμηθεύει συνέχεια με δείγματα από κρέμες ημέρας/νύχτας/ματιών και αντηλιακά σε δείγματα. Δεν τα έχω δοκιμάσει, τα δίνω στη μαμά μου που είναι πολύ ικανοποιημένη. Βέβαια με τόσα δείγματα που της έχω δώσει, έχει να βάζει για τουλάχιστον 1 χρόνο, οπότε δεν έχει δοκιμάσει κάποια κρέμα από κανονική συσκευασία.

  2. yah i agree the price might be high but its really worth it :)) hehe...!!

  3. Έχω μια απορία, τι διαφορά έχει η lotion με το butter??
    Ωραίο review!!

  4. Εχω δοκιμασει διαφορα προιοντα της macro, ειναι πολυ καλα.
    Την συγκεκριμενο body butter δεν το εχω δοκιμασει. Προτιμο τις λοσιόν σώματος.

  5. Ooh, this sounds like such a lovely body butter, it's a shame about the price, though!
    Definitely prefer tubs to bottles, makes getting out the right amount of product sooo much easier, too :) xx

  6. it must be great!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!

  7. @fani autin tin krema pou les gia ta mallia einai i agapimeni mou kai tin eixa agorasi arketes fores mono kai mono gia tin mirodia kai to oraio apotelesma , molis mou thimises na tin ksana paro :p

    @claire dt i lotion einai pio elafria kai gia dermata pou den xriazonde tosi vathia enidatosi. to body butter exei megaliteri diarkeia einai kai pio vari kai afinei ena oreo apotelesma sto derma , einai oti prepei gia kseres epidermides!! ... egw etsi pisteuw

    @beauty follower emena maresi auto to butter tous :)

    @francesca yes i agree as well much easier , the tubs !!

    thanks girls for your comments !!

  8. I'm still looking for a cheaper alternative to The Body Shop Shea Body Butter which is my absolute favorite but oh so pricey!

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  10. You can buy these for less than £10 in the UK at