Sunday, 4 March 2012


Hello ladies !
I thought today would be the perfect day on this lovely Sunday to do a couple of reviews from things i have gotten recently and have been trying out. I hope you enjoy and let me know your wonderful news.


Korres Milk Proteins cleansing and makeup removing wipes

A lot of you will know im totally against taking makeup off with wipes, i think the best way is cleansing and toning and not just wiping it off, also i think they work out way more expensive than getting the correct gear. These have 25 wipes in , i have already gone through half of them within a week and a half. The thing about these wipes that i like is the texture they have this bump like texture which helps get in all the bumps in corners of your makeup and face however i hate the fact that they are not 'moist' enough. You need about two wipes to take your makeup off with these and if you have eye makeup on it doesnt seem to clean , it smudges if you get me. I love the that fact these are a tiny bit more natural than other wipes and the packaging is waterproof,meaning they are travel easy. This didnt cause me any breakouts but it didnt exactly leave my skin feeling great. I wouldnt buy this product again , if it was given to me i would use it but only for cleansing the face. It costs 5.60 euro.

Essence Gel Eyeliner in 01 Midnight in Paris

This eyeliner i won along with some other goodies from the lovely Olga ! I have fell in love with this eyeliner , it is super pigmented and when used with the correct makeup brush it can give super cat eye definition ! I use the Avon slant eye brush which has been really great combined with this gel like eyeliner. The eyeliner also stays on all night i have found and can be a pain to take off , but as long it stays on thats all that makes me happy. I wouldnt say you need a lot either , so its quite long lasting for the cheap prices these products retail for.  I of course want to stock up on these bad boys !!!

Avon Planet Spa Thailand Lotus Flower 

As much as ii love Apivitas face masks , i have to admit i dont have that extra 5 euro to spare every couple of days for their face masks so i decided to try this Avon one out and see if it was any good. I have gotten around 7 uses out of it so far and it has only cost me 5 euro and i have still got half a tube left. I noticed with this mask compared to Apivitas clay mask it doesnt work as great. This is almost more watered down and it smells something i was not used to because Apivitas are organic and gentle. The results from this mask didnt blow me away... There was a sense of temporary calmness to my face , i would buy this again because of its low price but this has made me realize that Apivitas face masks are worth the splurge. 

Colortrend oil control Transluscent powder 

This again was another buy for around 5 euro. I wasnt relying on this product to work i was more intrigued to see what it would be like. This is a great powder for any woman who maybe is looking to find a less expensive one because it really does keep things in place but.... One of the things i didnt like with this powder was the chalky finish it left to your skin. You would apply your foundation perfect and the finishing touch of this powder would make everything look cakey. Transluscent , i wouldnt say so - it actually makes your skin tone look whiter. If you are smart about the way you apply it you can make this product work for you. I recommend applying bronzer after and applying little of this powder on your face and blending it with a powder brush to not give a chalky finish ! I wouldnt but this again. 

Beauty Line cosmetics Lipliners

These were a bargain , i found them only for 1.50 euro each at Hondos , i decided to try them ! What i loe about these are the packaging , they are different and also remind you what color they are without having to take the lid off. The colors at my Hondos were not your usual colors which is one of the problems i had , i couldnt find lipsticks that would blend nicely with these lipliners. So i tend to wear them as lipsticks alone and place a gloss over them for that extra jazzle. I got myne is 002 and 008 , i will be buying more of these as they are long lasting and actually have great color pay off. 

 Xen Tan Deep Bronze Lotion in Dark 

On the left hand side i have used XEN TAN on the right its my natural color.

I was sent these mini deluxe samples to try out. This is going to sound really weird the smell of it reminds me of cookies or biscuits but when it starts developing i noticed that sweet like smell goes and it turns into that fake tan smell- fake tanners you know what i mean!! I think one of the problems i noticed was that i didnt have the right accessories for fake tanning in general. I ave noticed people raving about a hand mitt which seems to make things a lot easier and streak free. The tan i noticed is a very natural like tan with almost like a yellow tint to it , rather than an orange which looks more natural. I have some photographs below so you can see me without and with this fake tan. It lasts around a week and it gradually fades away. It didnt cause me any break outs. I would use again but the only thing is i found it really hard to fake tan my body with a cream , i would love to try some other methods such as the mousse , spray etc to see which really is easier. 


Thats about everything girls , let me know your thoughts on these products and whether you have tried any of these !! 
Kisses xo



  1. Nice post! Σίγουρα θα δοκιμάσω κι εγώ τα μολύβια, το gel eyeliner της essence και μόλις βρω ευκαιρία και τη μάσκα..της apivita! xaxa! Αν και δεν έκανες τώρα review για την τελευταία, μου κέντρισες το ενδιαφέρον! :-)

  2. I love BeautyLine!
    You just got tagged!

  3. Το eyeliner της Essance είναι σούπερ το έχω και σε μαύρο και σε καφέ.Στρώνει καταπληκτικά έγω που δεν ήμουν φαν των eyeliner τώρα έχω γίνει!!!Γενικά από τα προιόντα αυτά δοκιμάζω διάφορα και από τα περισσότερα έχω μείνει πολύ ικανοποιημένη προσιτή πολύ τιμή και πολύ καλή ποιότητα.Υπάρχει και ιστοσελίδα που βρίσκεις και αυ΄τα και τα Beauty line.

  4. Εγώ πάλι όποτε πάω σε κατάστημα καλλυντικών, σπάνια βρίσκω essence αυτά που θέλω....μια που τα φέρνουν και μια που τελειώνουν!!Δεν προλαβαίνω να πάρω αυτά που θέλω γιατί συνεχώς δεν υπάρχουν...ανακάλυψα όμως άλλη πηγή!!! χαχαχαχα!! φιλιά κορίτσι

  5. Nice post hun! Θέλω να τα δοκιμασω τα Beutyline μολύβια!!! Το ξερα ότι θα σου άρεσε το gel eyeliner! Ασε ψαχνω το πράσινο και δεν μπορώ να το βρω πουθενά...

  6. Πολύ όμορφα όλα!!! Tην μάσκα της ΑVON την έχω και μου αρέσει!!! Τα essence μόνο με ραντεβού τα βρίσκεις πιά!!! Όποια βλέπει γεμάτο stand να σφυρίζει στο twitter!!!;o))) XXX

  7. @marinas choice oloi agapame tis maskes tis apivitas !!

    @mariana i love them too now as well :p

    @ rossie beauty eixa paratirisi pou elege gia istoselida sto molivi ala online shop den perimena na einai , xairome poli pou iparxei giati essence den exoume edw pano !!

    @natasa nomizo tin idia pigi pou les kai egw skeftome :p

    @olga bes sto site tous!!!

    @elena hahahahaha

  8. Μμμμ νομίζω πως το gel eyeliner της essence αξίζει σίγουρα μια ευκαιρία! Θα το δοκιμάσω σύντομα...

  9. Oh I really want to try some of essence's gel eyeliner but I have the hardest time finding any of their products in the UK :/
    You look great with the Xen Tan, such a lovely glow! xx

  10. Πολύ ωραίο review!! :)
    Πριν λίγες μέρες απέκτησα το πρώτο μου πράγμα από την Essence, ένα μολύβι για τα χείλια αλλά θέλω πολύ να δοκιμάσω και το gel eyeliner!!

  11. @angelmary aksizei , tha me thimitheis molis to dokimaseis !!

    @francesca thank you !! maybe try ebay ?!?

    @claire dokimase to einai teleio !!! arkei na exeis kai to katallilo pinelo :)


  12. To gel eyeline ειναι πολύ καλό!!!
    Από τα αγααπημένα μου!!

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