Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Snails Nail Varnish Review

Hello !!
I have been sooo excited to share this with you all, i love it when the beauty industry makes something different. This is one of them things that a lot of mams are going to say , yes !! I hope you enjoy and let me know your feedback. 

Snails in Disco Girl  

I was sent this color in sample size to try out by the company itself and when i was told what they were all about , i couldnt control myself from excitement. Even though i am not a mother, the fact that this is going to make mothers lives so much easier and childrens lives so much colorful, i loved it ! 

Snails does not have any harsh chemicals in and are only made from 3 ingredients in Europe. Jeanette Sklivanou who is a half British and half Greek mom also arranges kids spa parties which brought up this concern to her , the nail varnishes that are full of toxins. She was determined to make a child friendly product that she could use on her own kids as well without any worries. They are made in France and are packaged in lead free glass bottles in Italy. It will not stain clothes , carpet or floors !


The packaging of the snail products are very cute and child friendly with the little bows on. Mine is a sample size so check out the website further down to see what they look like normally. One of the great things about these nail varnishes are they smell like fruit , well the one i have does anyway. It has a tint of fruit to it, the point is there isnt that harsh chemical smell that we even hate !

1 coat 

The brush and cap i noticed are a good size that makes it easy for kids to apply the nail polish themselves. For mothers that want to make their daughters nails look really nice 2-3 coats should be perfect and the brush is really easy to use. 

The disco Girl nail varnish that i have is a girly pink color with shimmer in it, very nice for that princess kind of girl. The removing process is what mainly makes me excited , you can take it off washing your hands or using cotton wool and water- isnt that fantastic. Imagine how gentle this is that such an easy method is required for the taking off process. 

 3 coats

I tried taking one of them off with my korres makeup wipes (just out of interest) it all came off perfectly. I tried taking it ff with water and it came off in 2 seconds , with just water believe it or not. How can i not rave about this product ?! This is a revolutionary product for all mothers out there!  The only negative thing i can think off that goes against it is , that children frequently wash their hands due to bacteria so im thinking if everytime they washed their hands their polish came off would this maybe stop them from washing their hands?!  They have a top coat but im not sure if that works the same way. 

Snails also have a range of polishes for mothers to be as well :)
To buy the click here Click
7.50 euro

Let me know your thoughts and opinions! Will you be buying these ?!Mothers what do you think ?

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  1. Μου το εστειλαν και εμενα για review, θα το κανω την αλλη εβδομ.
    Δεν μου αρεσε, αργει πολυ να στεγνωσει και θελει πολλες στρωσεις για να φανει το χρωμα.
    Miss Starshiny

  2. Ωραίο χρωματάκι έχει!! :)

  3. εχθες το ελεβα κ γω κ μου αρεσει πολυ σαν ιδεα κ το οτι υπαρχει σειρα κ για εγκυους πολυ εξυπνο

    μεσα στο σ/κ θα το δοκιμασω σε μια μικρη μου φιλη να δω πως βγαινει κ σε παιδικο χερακι

    παντως απο οτι βλεπω απο την φωτο μια χαρα ειναι για μικρες κυριες!


  4. Aww, this looks like a great range for little girls! Although I can totally see where you're coming from about it washing off whenever a child washes their hands, can imagine some tears happening! xx

  5. aww it looks very nice and the color is very girly!


  6. @missstarshiny emena 3's stroseis ithele kai simfono oti argei ala den to theoro megalo provlima giati stin ousia gia paidia einai kai to vlepw pio xalara !!

    @claire dt its very girly !!

    @nai caramelitsa kai egw simfono poli wraio gia ta koritsakia :)

    @francesca the company contacted me and told me that after 2 hours it doesnt wash off in the mean time you can use hand sanitizer to clean their hands.

    @fashionsugarbubbles i agree , color is fabulous !!