Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weleda Calendula Cream

Hello Ladies !
Hope you are all doing fine , i have been so busy this week thats why im a bit late in writing a post. I decided today to write about one of my favorite little sos secrets, the weleda calendula cream, keep reading for more. 

Weleda Calendula Cream 

   One of the first Weleda products i ever used was the Cellulite Oil set they have with the scrub - well they had bought it for my aunty and she didnt want it so she gave it to me. It was beautiful , it had this lovely citrus smell to it and it did really do a good job. My aunty once had the calendula cream and i noticed everytime her kids would cut themselves , fall over and so on she would put some of this handy cream on. After reading some reviews i decided to purchase, here is my review. 

What i love about this cream is that its a cream for everything , well thats how i feel. Its so gentle you can place it anywhere you like... My eyes at times get this horrible red rash that stings and dries my skin out, its usually because my eye cream is too strong for my eyes. I placed this Weleda cream on my eyes and overnight it was 90% better. Another great example of results is when i tend to shave/wax my bikini area , i notice it itches me a lot afterwards and brings out these little red bumps. Most of you will be thinking use a body lotion but the truth is i cant because its so sensitive down there it can cause me more problems from the perfume and chemicals. One day after 'grooming' i applied this cream over the area and it soothed it so well i was stunned. 

I wanted to talk about these two areas especially because they are very sensitive and i wanted to show you that this cream even in those areas does not cause a reaction and instead soothes. I also use this on my lips if they need a good treatment , on rashes , on any cuts (usually on my legs) and any allergic skin reactions. This is why i call it the SOS cream !!

The packaging is really handy because its a foil like material so it can be more flexible and you can easily get the product out. This is organic and natural , it is 75 ml and it is very long lasting. The cream is thick , very thick but surprisingly enough not greasy with a very gentle smell to it. This is suitable for babies and any adults with sensitive or dry skin. This is a must have for summer , to carry around in your bag for any sunburn or mini accidents you might have on holiday.

Check this out HERE !

8.69 euro 

Let me know ladies whether you have tried Weleda's products and how you feel about them !!

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  1. I've never use this but I like the idea of a cream about everything so I 'll keep that in mind. Nice review

  2. I have never used Weleda before, nbut I am flirting this cream since my last visit at Leto Shop(or maybe Prenatal). Since it's good for babies and kids, must be great for us!

  3. χρησιμοποιω ναι,εχω το σετ για την κυτταριτιδα και ειναι πολυ αποτελεσματικο αν εισαι συνεπης.Επισης εχω την callendula baby cream για την κορη μου.Την προστατευει απο συγκαματα.Γενικα ειμαι φαν της εταιριας.
    τη συγκεκριμενη δεν την εχω δοκιμασει αλλα θα την εχω στα υποψην.

  4. @smugnificent i like the idea too !!

    @korina yes , its a must have for you korina !!

    @rafalena kai egw auto to set kata tis kitaridas exo dokimasi , den to sizitao einai teleio !!

  5. THANK YOU so much for this review! I'm definitely trying this as I've been having pimples problems on my bikini area after shaving too, and it's damn too sensitive to put any perfumed lotion down there! THANK YOU!!!:) xx

  6. πολύ καλή κρέμα καλέντουλας έχει και η apivita, με 4 ευρώ. γενικά η καλέντουλα είναι επουλωτική και πάσης χρήσης κρέμα, κοψίματα, καψίματα, ερεθισμούς, φαγούρες για όλα κάνει

  7. sounds good i shd give it a shot :))

  8. Η Weleda ειναι απο τις κορυφαιες εταιρειες με βιολογικα προιοντα! Κι εγω εχω το σετακι για τη κυτταριτιδα, προσεχουμε για να μην εχουμε! Χαιρομαι που χρησιμοποιεις βιολογικα προιοντα, μπραβο Ελπιδακι!

  9. @fashion oh im so glad you found this really useful especially for that area !! let me know if you like it :)

    @eleni den to iksera oti eixan kai i apivita sta 4 euro !!

    @fashionista :)

    @christina trelenome gia viologika :)