Sunday, 29 April 2012

April Favourites 2012

Good Afternoon!
Hello ! How have you all been ?! This month has flown over literally and soon its going to be summer and i cant wait to go on holiday. Yes , right now holidays is the only thing im thinking off. Soon i will be doing lots of posts related to dieting, fitness routine and sun protection (as well as tanning tips.) Enjoy my favourites! <3. 

My April Favourites.

Avon True Colour Quad Eyeshadow Palette in Lace Electric.

This palette i actually got free with one of the Greek magazines and i was really excited to try this out. Even though honestly i have only used the white and grey i think this palette is fantastic. Its very cheap for the amount of eyeshadow you get and for the quality. I personally always wear a primer on my eyes/face so ive never seen these shadows creasing or fading. I would definitely buy another one of these palettes if i get the chance too.

Sjal Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask.

This was one of my prizes from Zuneta and i actually loved this. This has crushed pearls and exfoliates gently your skin whilst at the same time is a mask for your face.I find it gives this beautiful glow to my skin and i tend to put it on my skin , on days that my skin is looking pretty dull. It has never broke me out which im so happy about however this comes at a pretty big price tag. 
  Avon Foot Works Spray in Lavender

Again this si from Avon , i actually bought this because during the hot weather feet tend to get hot and bothered and can set off a not so good smell. I prefer to play safe, and as soon as i come out of the bath i spray this on my feet and then put my socks on. Perfect summer treat. This is a must have for all ladies for summer. 
Avon Nailwear Pro in Aqua Fantasy

Yes, another product from Avon. This is amazing , i found without a top coat it lasted me nearly 1 week which for any of you women who dont know thats amazing. Did i forget to mention the color is the most adorable aqua like summer time color. If you order from Avon get this color !!
Mac Lip Conditioner.

This really does what it says on the packet. I tend to put this on when im doing my makeup for a night out . I apply it whilst im actually doing it so by the time i get to my lips they are soft and sometimes i even use this as a lipgloss. This makes my lips soft and gets rid off any dryness and chapiness.

New Vogue Greece Magazine

For any of you interested it comes with either a full size Body Shop Shower Gel or Body Lotion. I only found Lemon scented :/ .
Two samples are also within the magazine.  

April Empties 

My Clinique Liquid Face Soap oily skin formula has lasted me one year and a half. Its so good for anyone with acne prone skin. 
My Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish has been so kind to my skin and would always leave my skin feeling so soft afterwards. I loved this.

My Palmolive Purple colored huge bottle showergel in lavender and ylang ylang. I am obsessed with this scent by far my favorite shower gel !!! 

Thats everything for now , i hope you enjoyed the post let me know if any of these products are your faves and whether you will be getting this months Vogue magazine ?!

Kisses xo 



  1. Ωραία αγαπημένα!! Την συγκεκριμένη παλέτα την έχω και εγώ και την έχω καταχαρεί :)

  2. Lovely favorites!
    Λατρευω τετοια ποστ γιατι παιρνω ιδεες :)
    Αυτο βερνικι απο avon φαινεται καταπληκτικο για το καλοκαιρακι.

  3. Ωραία! Και γω την έχω την παλετιτσα, χοχοχο

  4. το ενυδατικο lip gloss της mac φαινεται τελειο!!xxx

  5. Oi perissoteres apo emas apo oti katalaveno piran tin paleta tis avon :p To verniki tis avon einai teleio kai oikonomiko. Tis mac to enidatiko den tha to elega lipgloss :) xo

  6. πηρα κ γω την παλετα avon!!ειναι πολυ καλη μου αρεσε κ τη χρησιμοποιω!
    δεν ηξερα το lip conditioner φαινεται πολυ ενδιαφερον!θα παω να τσεκαρω απο κοντα .
    αγορασα προχθες τη vogue κ ειχε το δειγμα του ορου της l oreal το εδωσα στη μητερα μου μιας κ το εχω ηδη απο τη συναντηση των gbb ειναι πολυ ωραιος δροσερος κ με πολυ ομορφο αρωμα θα γραψω αναλυτικο review καποια στιγμη..

    πολλα φιλακιαα!!

  7. Ooh wow, you seem to always get the best free gifts with your magazines! The shower gel sounds lovely, will have to keep an eye out for it!
    Looking forward to reading about your summer preparation! xx

  8. Avon has the best products!! I love them:) I have the same nail polish

  9. Thanks girls for the comments !! xo

  10. το περιοδικο το πηρα και εγω σημερα,με το body lotion και μυριζει πολυ ομορφα.
    τα δειγματακια θα τα δοκιμασω,ειναι απο τα προιοντα που πολυδιαφημιστηκαν αυτο το διαστημα και ημουν περιεργη... αν και σε μονοδοσεις αλλα θα παρω μια ιδεα.
    ωραιες οι προτασεις σου.Αvon μπορει να ειμαι και η μοναδικη που δεν εχω τη παλετα,θα την αποκτησω ομως.πολλα φιλια.