Thursday, 26 April 2012

DIY Hair Mask

Hello! Hello!Hello!
Im not going to lie, i wasnt sure about writing this post because i loved yet hated this diy hair mask at the same time. Read carefully before you try this out !!! Apart from that , i hope you are all having a lovely week and enjoying the warm weather !

DIY Hair Mask

You will need : 
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of honey  
(of course if organic even better) 
plastic bag/ shower cap

1) Warm up the olive oil so its hot. 
2) Place the olive oil and the honey in a bowl/cup and mix together.
3)Then start placing all over your hair slowly and watch you dont burn yourself , this can get a bit messy. (Put a towel on your shoulders.) 
4) Get either a plastic bag or a shower cap (i used a plastic bag) to secure on your head, to keep the ingredients warm and obviously make the treatment more deep. 
 5)After 20 minutes wash out WELL!! 

Notice number 5 the word 'well' is in capital letters on purpose. This was the first time i did this diy hair mask and in general it was my first diy hair mask. I found this on the internet and i was really excited to try this out. I found after i came out of the shower there was still oil in my hair and to make matters worse my hair smelt of oil. 
 When my hair was actually dry the ends were still oily and it looked like i had greasy ends. Not a good look! However i decided to be patient and tie my hair up and wait another day to wash my hair, to see if anything would change.

Today i washed my hair and dried it and i swear my hair has never been softer , i shampooed it 3 times , no conditioner. My hair was so shiny and soft - its amazing. If you are going to do this hair mask dont do the night you are about to go out , do it a few days before incase anything does go wrong. 

No, i didnt place a lot of olive oil on my hair , try it yourself if anything there isnt enough olive oil to cover your whole head. As far as the smell goes theres nothing you can do about it but to be patient for another 24 hours. 
My conclusion is try this out but make sure you do on one of them days when you know you aint going anywhere , just incase something goes wrong. I will be doing this hair mask again because my hair is like silk - not even joking. 

Let me know have you tried this out ?! hats your favorite diy hair mask ?!
I hope you enjoyed this post and just to let you know a video and competition is coming soon !! 
Kisses xo



  1. Πολύ καλή φαίνεται :)

  2. fainetai polu kali! tha tin dokimasw! :D

    kisses doll

  3. I absolutely love treating my hair with olive oil - I get some seriously strange looks from my friends when I tell them that's why my hair's always so soft, must just be a Greek thing haha :) xx

  4. Aww I fell your pain hun! I absolutely can't use oil on my hair, I guess it's because it's toot in, but no matter how many washes I do, the oil stays in it, making it look all greasy... no matter what kind of oil I use! Not to mention that the smell of olive oil makes me sick -_-

  5. telia prepei na einai .elpizw na min murizoun omws ta mallia san xwriatiki :P

  6. I definitely agree to the fact it makes your hair soft , it makes it like cotton wool and as mentioned in my blog post i will be doing this again on a day i know i wont be going anywhere. As far as the smell , yes it smells ... but after the second wash it fades :)