Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Edward Bess Black Sea Collection

Hello Ladies !!
After a busy Easter that included me getting hardly any sleep , i have finally recovered and i am ready to blog again. I am going to write about Edward Bess creams that i won from the Zuneta vlogger search and also show you an ootd from Anastasi which is the night before Easter that i went out. Enjoy !

Edward Bess Black Sea Serum  

 This is the Edward Bess serum from the collection 'black sea' and it is the radiant lift serum. This collection is especially designed to hydrate and fight age signs. It comes in a beautiful black waterproof container that has a pump dispenser. Its very easy to use and light to carry around. When using this i really enjoyed this serum because it gave me this natural glow to my skin. When you apply this it gives you such a good feeling because it feels like you are rubbing silk on your skin. I do have young skin , i am only 21 so there arent really an great signs of age progress on my skin. Just to keep in mind when i was using this it never broke me out which i was really surprised about. This has a very light aroma and the texture of it is like a serum that as mentioned before when applied it goes on silk. I decided there was no point in me having this because i would never be able to see any great results, i gave it to my aunty who is 50 years old. I shall mention below in a summary what she overall thought of the creams. From my point of view the only negative thing with this serum is the price tag at 60.52 euro , which is out of my budget.  Dont get me wrong if i found a cream that would cure my acne or the scars on my face i would give all my money but in the mean time i wouldnt buy this again because i dont have any problems yet with wrinkles. 

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Edward Bess Black Sea Deep Hydration Cream 

This again is another one of the creams that i won from the vlogger competition. I was really interested to see how my skin would react to this and mainly to see if this would break me out- which by the way i was 100% sure it would. Again the packaging is as mentioned above its black , waterproof and of course very luxurious. The cream has a heavy aroma i believe which for me was one of the negatives because heavy aromas tend to give me a headache as crazy as that sounds. I would put this cream on the night and i couldnt sleep from the strong aroma. The cream is thick and heavy and has this warm texture to it when applied, i found it also had a greasy finishing touch to it which i didnt like  because i felt at times like i was rubbing oil in my face. Even though the texture in my opinion wasnt one of my favorites i have to admit once rubbed in it gives this natural glow to your skin which is amazing. My skin type is acne prone and this never broke me out i felt as if it almost worked with my skin. I wore this under makeup as well and i personally didnt find it bothered me at all. Once again another negative for me is the price tag at 78.68 euro. This cream i also gave to my auntie because my skin doesnt need hydrating.

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My aunts comments overall: I used these combined on a daily basis twice a day, i have completely fallen in love with these products and i cant believe the difference it has made to my skin. I have noticed that it gives me my youthful glow back again and thanks to it i dont need to wear a lot of makeup. Its perfect for my skin and i cant stress how great this is for someone who has lost that glow from their face that makes them look a little bit younger.

My OOTD for Greek Anastasi 

Lipsy dress 
Asda fur coat
Perdro Garcia heels
Axilleas Accessories Earrings

Hope you enjoyed this post !! Let me know what you wore for Easter and if you liked the products you saw :)

Kisses xo 



  1. Εκθαμβωτική!! Χρονια πολλάααααααααα!!!!

    Εγώ στην Ανάσταση τελικά δεν πήγα γιατί με πήρε ο ύπνος...αλλά κατάφερα να παω εκκλησία τη Μ. Πέμπτη..κρίμα που δεν εβγαλα κ γω φωτογραφίες να με δειτε...σνιφ

    Οσο για τις κρέμες...out of my budget for sure!!

    Φιλιά πολλά

  2. gorgeous loook!! suits you and you look so pretty!!!

  3. Γουάου! Τελικά τα παππούτσια ήταν πολύ καλή επιλογή!

  4. Great review!
    You look very pretty...many kisses xo!

  5. Love that dress, super sexy!

  6. Το φορεμα σου πολυ γιορτινο και ωραιο!
    Σου παει πολυ!
    Miss Starshiny

  7. Είσαι κουκλάρα!! Φοβερό ντύσιμο!! Έχεις κι ένα βραβειάκι από μένα! Φιλιά! :)

  8. Thank you all so much for your kind words :)Hope you all had a lovely Easter xo