Monday, 23 April 2012

Fushi Beauty Totale Review

Hello Ladies !
I decided today to finally write my review on these supplements i have been trying out that are supposed to help improve your hair , skin and nails. I was sent a months worth of these pills which was one packet. I hope you enjoy the review :) 

Fushi Beauty Totale Review 
These capsules claim to help provide more radiant skin, beautiful hair and strong nails. They also contain sun protection and are an ethical company, which with every purchase we help Fushi plant a tree and the capsules contain no fillers, binding or bulking agents, only 100% pure active ingredients. 

I had to take 2 every day after my meal. There was no obvious bad signs of taking these pills , such as nausea, losing appetite or any allergic reaction. They felt very light and discreet towards my body.  I found that after using these i saw few differences one being mainly on my nails.  

 Before i get into the actual review, i would like to mention my skin type and so on. 
I have acne prone skin, that has blemish scars and is combination to oily. My nails are thin and weak and it is difficult to grow them long because they snap easily. My hair is fine and falls out...

After one week of using these i started noticing my nails grew faster and were so strong, i couldnt believe it! They looked  much healthier too. My hair, i stopped taking my iron supplements on purpose to see if it would make a difference to my hair loss. I noticed it made my hair grow faster and thats about it, my hair loss was ok and as far as healthy goes i wouldnt say i saw a difference. Finally my skin i found was the most disappointing because i had high expectations for it. The only thing i noticed was my skin was kept a little bit more calmer , nothing else. 

I dont want to straight away point my finger and say bad because i was only using these for one month, which in my opinion you should normally see a difference after 3 months. I was sent these by the company and if they did give me a chance to review these again or any other supplements they have i would say yes , but give me more time please !
They sell these on their website and on Feel Unique for anyone interested.
  15.26 pounds buy me HERE!

Whats your opinion on supplements ?! Have you tried anything from Fushi ?!

Kisses xo

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  1. Εγω δεν ειμαι αντιθετη, παρολα αυτα ειμαι πολυ επιφυλακτικη... Το συγκεκριμενο δεν το ξερω, αλλα και αλλα που τα ξερω παλι δεν ξερω αν θα τα επαιρνα. Ισως αν ηταν κατι που να μου το συστηνε γιατρος να με εκανε να νιωθω πιο σιγουρη... Δεν εχω παρει ποτε συμπληρωματα απ' οτι καταλαβες, βασικα δεν χρειαστηκα κιολας. Αν χρειαζομουν νομιζω οτι θα το εψαχνα πολυ. Ειμαι σπαστικια το ξερω! Μουτς! :)