Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How to : Apply Hair Extensions

Hello Ladies !!
Last week i made a video on how to apply a one piece hair extension, which was really successful. A lot of you told me you liked the 'how to' video and how it made things a little easier. Once again i was sent from a different company some normal hair extensions which i have tried out and done a how to video about, i hope you enjoy!

Buy Hair Extensions How to 


As you can tell by the video , it was love at first site. Let me first of all explain my hair type- I have medium length hair that is fine and falls out a lot. When it comes to doing hairstyles such as for example a french braid my hair looks so thin, so for hairstyles like such i tend to place hair extensions in to give me that 'look at me i have healthy hair - wink wink.' 
These hair extensions are 14 inches and are 100% Human Hair. My hair color is dark brown and my hair extensions came in style/color number 2. The packaging is very nice for plastic wallets , i love the fact it has buttons so they can close well. However as mentioned in my previous post i do find storing them in hair extension boxes is much easier and tidier. 

The hair extensions themselves are the best quality i have seen so far. The sewing on the weft is extremely strong, neat and discreet. The clips on the weft are really strong and have a good grip on your actual hair. I didnt find at all that the hair extensions bothered me when i was out wearing them neither did i find them rather heavy. Do bare in mind i was only wearing the 4 pieces out of the 6 due to the fact that my hair is really thin and i figured if i wore the other 2 , the hair extensions would start peaking through my real hair. 

I found them also easy to style i did a hairstyle the other night with them and wore it out, as you can see in the photos below. When i asked my friends if they could spot anything weird in my hair they all said the braid in the back none of them said hair extensions. Wen i revealed i was wearing them , they were all in shock about how discreet they were and how they never thought i would be wearing them because they werent that long like they usually are. 

As far as negatives i really cant think off any. I think the packaging would be great if they altered it into a box like storage for hair extensions. I am really pleased with these and the quality, if you have any questions do let me know. 
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39.95 GBP

Would like to see a tutorial for that hairstyle i did ?! 
What do you think of these hair extensions ?! 
Do you prefer them shorter or longer ?!

Kisses xo


  1. Δεν φαίνονται ότι είναι extensions wow!

  2. @daydreamer to ksero !! giauto ta latreuw :) xo

  3. polu wreo k voi8itiko video doll mou!!! :D


  4. euxaristo poli glukia mou <3 xo

  5. wow looks awsum! :))


  6. Nice Video.
    I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  7. Really love the hairstyle you did with these, a tutorial would be great!
    Haha you're pretty much a pro at applying hair extensions by now :) xx

  8. @fashionista thank you :)

    @hair extensions im glad you found this useful !

    @francesca I will do a tutorial !! Hahaha you think ?!! :p

  9. Αυτο που φοβαμαι με τα extensions ειναι πως ισως σου πεφτουν τα μαλλια, αυτη την εντυπωση εχω...
    PS it would be nice for us if you removed the word verification
    Miss Starshiny

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  11. I like this video but what the point of buying extensions when u don't need them. Oh and how much did they cost?

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