Sunday, 1 April 2012

March 2012 Favourites

Hello Ladies !!
I wish you all a great start to the month and i hope you all had a great weekend. Last month you may have noticed i didnt do my favorites because i didnt really have any. I hope you enjoy them and let me know if you have any in common with me!

March 2012 Favorites 

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer 

Im not going to lie when i was first sent this i was skeptical about this product due to its quite big price tag. Ever since my Urban Decay Shadow primer has ran out i have been using this all over my face and mainly on my eyes to help make my eyeshadows last longer no matter what the conditions. I have to say this month i have been suing this constantly and it does such a good job at making the skin look evenly beautiful and keeping everything in place. 

Jelly Pong Pong Hawaiian Sun Puff Bronzer 

Oh my god! Why i havent been using this for so long is so stupid of me. Ever since the sun has started coming out here in Greece and due to my exercise routine that consists of mainly being outside in the heat, my face (and body of course) has got a lovely tan. My foundation matches my skin perfectly but ever since this tan it does give me that a little bit washed out look so i decided to apply some of this stuff on after to suit my tan all over my face. It looks so beautiful on my skin and it makes my skin look beautiful and naturally tanned, it doesnt look like im wearing bronzer. Now i dont know, maybe im lucky because i have olive colored skin so it blends in better - i cant guarantee this is going to suit everyone. If you do buy this only use a little bit and touch your face very lightly with it for a more natural look. 

Avon Lipstick in Carnation

This lipstick was one of the first Avon lipsticks i recently tried and fell in love with after the first application. Its one of those lipsticks that can be a lot of things and match a lot of women regardless their skin/hair color. Its a beautiful milkshake pink shade, i would call it that- when applied it can give that sweet finishing look to your face or even that sexy pout. Its long lasting and it doesnt dry my lips out , i will definitely be buying another one of these to stock up.

Apivita Lip Balm in Chamomile with SPF 15

Everyone knows how much i love Apivitas lip bal  and im not the only lover and addict. I bought this a couple of months ago when i noticed my previous lip balm (which again was from Apivita) was about to run out and luckily enough without even thinking about it i picked the one which has sun protection. Thankfully this is really handy because for any of you ladies who dont know, suncare isnt about protecting all of your body from the sun but every corner of it. There are even hair sprays specifically designed to protect your hair from the heat, lip balms , eye creams , face creams and so on... This is the same formula as the others just a different scent. It leaves my lips feeling perfectly soft and kissable. 


These are my only favorites of the month, i normally do 5 but i could only think of 4. I hope you liked them and if you have any questions about these just ask me. To finish off this lovely post, i would like to mention a couple more things that i have just recently bought. 

Korres Face Sun Cream  SPF50 

At my local chemist these were on offer buy one get one free for 16.80 euro and they came in a box as you can see in the photo. I have to admit , i rushed to buy these as nowhere else had any suncream and again as mentioned my face has been getting exposed a lot to the sun recently so i knew i had to get my hands on a suncream. Im just interested in the protection so im not complaining really however so far they are a few things i dont like such as the smell and the heavy like feeling it leaves to my skin. The good news is that it hasnt broke my skin out at all. My skin is combination but it does suffer from acne breakouts , this is for sensitive skin (my boyfriend got me it thats why it doesnt match my skin type haha) however theres no big difference - it hasnt affected my skin in anyway. 


My boyfriends sister has started making bracelets and its gone very well for her, which im glad. She gave me two bracelets to have which i really love and the great thing about her bracelets are they are reasonably priced. If you want to see any more of her designs or ask her any questions add her personal profile HERE and chat she is very friendly :) 

2.00 euro 

2.50 euro 

Thats everything girls ! I hope you enjoyed my favorites and my extras. Let me know if you have any same favorites as me or if anything has sparked your interest. What suncream do you use on your face ?!

Kisses xo      


  1. Πολύ όμορφο ποστ!! :)
    Τα βραχιολάκια υπέροχα είναι!!

  2. Lovely favorites :))

    Τι υπεροχο το κραγιον!

    Στο προσωπο τελευταια φοραω μια BB Cream κορεατικη που εχει spf20.
    Φοραω κ με spf30 την Anthelios απο La Roche Posay,ειναι πολυ καλο κ σχετικα ελαφρυ στο προσωπο.


  3. @claire dt simfono gia ta vraxiolia :)

    @artemi to kragion einai fandastiko !! logika se kanena 2 mino tha mou teliosoun kai ta 2 boukalakia korres , opote tha kitakso tis la roche posay :) xo

  4. I think Avon lipsticks are great quality for the price, although they have reverted to test on animals again -_-

  5. great post! I don't use a sunscrean cream! :/
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!

  6. ohh ti teleia pragmata! k egw xreiazomai antiliako! episis latrepsa t vraxiolakia! :D

  7. πολυ ομορφα!
    δοκιμασα προσφατα avon κραγιον κ μου αρεσε πολυ!
    αντιηλιακο προσωπου εχω clinique οσο για το σωμα αλλαζω καθε τοσο αλλα με τρελαινει να εχει αρωμα καρυδα

  8. @gaby oh i didnt know that about the testing on animals :(

    @citygirl oh you should use suncream!!! its important :/

    @fashion enimerose mas molis paris mia :)

    @caramelitsa xairome pou simfoneis , clinique antiliaki prosopou eixa persi , poli mou arese :) xo