Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Products

Hello Ladies !!
 Its a boring Sunday and what a better way to get over this day than to share with you a few of my recent buys and products i have been sent. I hope you all had a lovely Saturday night and i hope you enjoy this post!!

Garnier Ultra Lift Face Cream

I was sent this by Garnier who are always so generous and thoughtful of all bloggers and non bloggers. It came in this beautiful box that was themed and decorated red and the bottle even more amazing is see through and it has this swirl like pattern for the cream, i dont know how they did this but its so cool!  Even though most of you know im not a fan of heavy aromas when it comes to skin care , this has a heavy yet light aroma that i have fallen in love with. It doesnt smell of fruit or herbs it smells more like perfume , but its so good !! I also love the fact when you apply this cream to your face it has a soft finishing touch- i tend to sit and stroke my face (as sad as that sounds) because i love the softness. Once my Sjal serum finishes this is next on my list for trying out, keep a look out! 

Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara 

I was in desperate need of a new mascara, but i was being patient because i was thinking about what i should do , buy from Greece which for any of you lovely readers outside from Greece who dont have any idea about the pricing here - Greece is expensive especially when it comes to branded products that have been imported from outside of Greece. Continuing my story, yes so i was thinking should i buy from the internet or should i buy from here , i saw my local beauty store had an offer on 25% off high end makeup brands (Hondos Center) which by the way didnt include ysl, dior , clinique and i was thinking why dont you just write 25 % off Lancome. I decided to buy the Lancome doll eyes mascara which was originally 32.91 euro and i got it for 25 euro. Mine is in the shade 01 So Black! I wore it last night and i was really pleased, i shall make sure i test it out well and let all of you know my thoughts on it! 

I also asked for a sample and got one of Lancome foundation Teint Idole Ultra 24H, mine is in the shade 03 Beige Diaphane. I wore it last night and i fell in love with not only does it match my skin tone which for any of you interested i am NC20 in Mac it also gives a great finish neither looking too cakey neither to oily. Im thinking about buying this foundation now because i really loved it , see thats the beauty of samples.

Apivita Natural Soap with Olive

Im actually really excited about trying this out, my boyfriend bought me this from our local chemist. It is a soap with olive in which has this beautiful olive smell to it. that makes me think this is going to do some great work for my skin. It cost my boyfriend 4.40 euro which is a bit expensive for a soap but im sure it will be worth it !

 Let me know if you have tried any of the above products and what you have recently purchased!

Kisses xo



  1. I have a sample of Hypnose Doll eyes and I am loving it! I am sure this will be my next mascara purchase.

  2. Geia sou Elpidaki me ta wraia sou!! Loipon egw tha meinw fan tis Bourjois stis mascara kai tis Loreal. An kai tin epomeni fora lew na dokimasw maybelline (milaw gia kathimerino makigiaz fysika. Tin krema tis Garnier kai gw anypomonw na tin dokimasw. Mou fanike super!

  3. From my dashboard, when I saw that Garnier package, I though it was somethin from LUSH LOL!

  4. @smugnificent its really good :)

    @kerasia geia sou kerasia !! kai mena maresi para poli tis bourjois , aplos kano ligo experiment tora ! Nai , to ksero einai miazei poli wraia :)

    @gaby hahahaha :p

  5. Axxxxxxxx k egw tn exw auti t krema ts Garnier kai einai poluuu treli kainotomia to mpoukali!! <3
    kai eimai k se diastima pou psaxnw g foundation! vrika ena polu wreo matte ts Dior,alla kanei gurw st 40E, k tr mou evales mia mikri idea gia auto ts Lancome! ;)


  6. @fashionsugarbubbles im glad i inspired you :)

  7. great post!! loove the KORRES soap!!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!!

  8. Tελικά τηs Lancome το Teint Idole είναι τέλειο όπωs βλέπω.Και το είχα βάλει στο μάτι αλλά δεν ήξερα αν άξιζε....Οπότε τώρα θα ξέρω ;)
    Έχειs βραβειάκι

  9. nice your reviews!!

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  10. @citygirl its apivita :P thanks !!

    @sia well i loved it after one try , im probs going to buy it within the week :)

    @fashionista thanks doll :)


  11. Ooh, I've heard such great things about the Garnier cream, but am waiting til I've used up my current supply of moisturisers etc before I purchase it, haha.
    Super jealous of your new mascara, I've had my eye on it for ages, but it's so so expensive! xx