Friday, 1 June 2012

Garnier Color Sensation Hair Dye Review

Good Morning Everyone !
First of all let me take the chance to wish you all a good month and can i also add SUMMER IS HERE !! WOOHOO!! Ok , im too excited but so what ?! Its officially June , i cant wait to tan , go to the beach and tan. I also want to take a moment to say a huge thankyou for all the lovely comments i was left on my Youtube channel. I honestly didnt believe a video in Greek would have been that much of a hit but guess what i was wrong. Im trying to figure out how im going to manage to have Greek videos and English, i think i need to make a timetable.Enjoy this post !! Have a fun weekend...

Garnier Color Sensation Hair Dye in 3.0 Dark Brown 

I bought this hair dye from Veropoulos (Greek supermarket) for only 5 euro. It is a small box however if your only doing your routes like i was thats all you'll need. The box had some good instructions not that clear for a beginner i would say. Inside the box there was the usual items (such as gloves , hair mask, peroxide and the hair dye). You will need a bowl and brush for this hair dye as there is no plastic bottle applicator. 

The hair dye in general did have your classic hair dye smell however it wasnt as strong of a smell as some other hair dyes. The leave in process is around 20-30 minutes depending if you have white hair , which i do , yes im 21 and i have white hair but never mind. I rinsed it after 30 minutes with 3 lots of shampoo and not my organic stuff because it was really important to me that all the hair dye came out of my hair and it all got cleaned up. I didnt apply the hair mask that came in the box because i knew if i did my hair would fall out even more, in about a weeks time i plan to place a hair mask on my hair just to bring it back to its natural self. 

The result of the color was darker than i thought and it showed to be. It looks like a black to me , i obviously know if i keep washing it , it will eventually fade but still the color is misleading. Look at the girl on the box and look at my result. For 5 euro i do think this is great however and my hair didnt fall out like crazy with this hair dye either. Overall i would buy again but so far Apivita's hair dye has first place. 

I hope you all enjoyed this mini review. From now on i will be reviewing all of my hair dyes so i kind of create a mini guide that will help all of you guys choose whats best for you.

Kisses xo    


  1. Your hair looks gorgeously shiny! I've never been a fan of Garnier hair dyes though, always had bad experiences with them!

  2. great post!! so you recommend apivita's hair dye?? 'cause I dye my hair red and I'm trying to find the best one..
    thanks also for your great comment in my blog!!

  3. Κ γ ω την ιδια βαφη χρησιμοποιω
    αλλα τα κανω κοκκινα κ ειμαι παρα πλ ικανοποιημενη!
    Βγηκαν τελεια κ η βαφη κοστισε 3,50 ευρω κ σκεψου οτι στ κομμωτηριο μ ζητησαν 40 !

  4. lucky u that u actually got instructions in ur box... i just purchased the super lightening colour cream n no instructions so i dont know how long i need to keep this in my hair for the match... i've tried looking on the garnier website n they dont even have the colour sensation products on there... so i guess i'm gonna need to guess on how long i want it in there...

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