Thursday, 24 May 2012

How i store my Cosmetics

Hello !
I really wanted to share this with you for a while and i finally managed to do this video, i hope its good. I know how useful these videos can be, i always youtube to find a storage solution to my things or i like to see in general how peoples bedrooms are decorated. This is my temporary storage as mentioned, i dont know if it looks chaotic to you guys but to me- i think its the best way for my room , as my room is small. Enjoy the video !

How i store my Cosmetics Video

This is how i store my makeup and creams used on a daily basis. I want to do a video showing you how i store my back ups as i like to call them a,jewellery and hair products  . Its really important to me you leave me feedback in your comments telling me how the video was and if it was useful. I promise i am going to do a Greek Speaking video soon so keep a look out, maybe ill do my favorites in Greek or should i do a Greek celebrity's makeup tutorial in Greek . Let me know !! I hope you enjoyed the video and if you have any questions dont be shy , leave a comment below !

Kisses xo


  1. Τι ωραία που τα έχεις τακτοποιήσει!! Μακάρι να μπορούσα να τα βάλω και εγώ σε ένα συρταράκι.. Κάθε πρωί ψάχνω την μάσκαρα, το μολύβι κτλ!!

  2. Τα εχεις τοσο ωραια τακτοποιημενα!μπραβο σου!
    Εγωεχω 2 συρταρακια κ μικρα πουγκακια, κασετινουλες
    κ τα εχω χωρισμενα ανα ειδος σε ενα κουτακι ρα κραγιον
    αλλου μολυβια κ.ο.κ

  3. Euxaristo para poli !!! Prospatho :) orees idees caramelitsa !!!