Saturday, 26 May 2012

Loreal's New Makeup : First Look and Swatches

Good Morning Girls !
How are you all today ?! The weather here is so melancholic, dark and cold. I hope in a few days that this weather finally starts to be like summer! If you follow me on facebook or twitter you would have seen my Loreal gift i was sent, i decided today would be perfect to show you some swatches of the products. Enjoy !

Loreal Miss Candy Range Lipgloss

These really do look like candy , they remind me of those tasty lollipops you get that are huge and have ripples of flavour in them. The bottle is shaped in such a way that it makes it easy for you to grip on to it and just like candy attracts you to eat it , well this attracts you to apply lipgloss. They both have a like a sweet cherry smell to them or thats what i think anyway. 

705 Strawberry Licorice : It has ripples of  a shimmery peach and red blood like color going through the lipgloss. When applied to the hand it has a strawberry like color to it , its not that deep red as it looks in the bottle neither that peach color , it almost has a sweet like red finish touch with a shimmer that would be suitable for a nice bright red. This is great for summer.As you can tell also it has great pigmentation.

713 Cola Fizz : This final lipgloss i was sent has ripples of brown which seems more shimmery compared to the red in the previous gloss and a warm cream which reminds me off cocoa butter. When applies the color turns out to look like a warm cream with tints of brown in it. This would look fab on sunkissed skin , i also think this is one of them colors that would suit all skin types but mainly tanned. I imagine this with no lipstick underneath for a natural touch to my lips however if you do want to place lipstick under this i would apply it to nude like colors. Once again great pigmentation however it is more discreet as a color. 

These retail at around 13.40 euro 

Loreal Color Riche Le Vernis in 213 Sassy Pink

I remember seeing if im right in saying so, at Greek Bloggers Meeting in Athens that was recently , a lot of the girls showed their goodies bag with these nail varnishes. They talked about how they were like gel or they conatin gel inside ( which obviously makes your nails last longer.). When i heard about this i was super excited to try these new nail polishes and thankfully Loreal sent me a polish to try and guess what im loving it so far. 

213 Sassy Pink : This is a fun pink like color that reminds me of that classic barbie pink. The bottle is small and has a really handy brush which is thicker than usual ( think opi) which helps spread evenly nail polish to the whole face of your nail. When i applied this nail polish i noticed that it was quick drying which is good and had a natural shine to it. On top of this gel i did apply a top coat by Bourjois which i love because it has super high shine. So far so good , its the third day wearing this nail polish i have been doing chores around the house - this aint coming off. I cant wait to go to my local beauty store and get more of these bad boys !

This retails for 4.49 euro .

Loreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow 

I love the eyeshadow design so unique and even though i thought somehow the eyeshadow opened through the front it actually doesnt, it opens from the back and has an extra back so eyeshadow doesnt make things dirty.The eyeshadows remind me off minerals , i think its because they have that shimmer and that bumpy like surface. 

031 Innocent Turquoise: Is a blue/ aqua like color which on the actual advert for Loreal Miss Candy range i noticed the girl wears this eyeshadow with a pink lipstick and lipgloss. It looks fab and im going to try this out for sure. The eyeshadow is super high shine and very pigmented, i think i can almost see tints of silver and white within this color. 

032 Sassy Marshmallow: This eyeshadow reminds me of a dark silver yet grey color that would be perfect for a smokey eye. I would apply this color on the lid and blend a dark grey on the outer v. This is great summer smokey eye though because its not too dark, afterall summer is about bright colors. When swatched its actually super light and almost reminds me of a highlighter. When you move your hand it goes from a metallic white to a darker white with tints of grey in. On second thoughts maybe this would work great as an inner eye highlight. 

These retail for 12.41 euro. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and most importantly got an idea of what this new range is like color wise and price wise. I will make sure i review these at some point however so far the nail varnish is a favorite!

Have you tried this range ?! What do you like from here ?!
Kisses xo



  2. Τα l'oreal lip glosses ειναι φοβερα! Τα χρησιμοποιω συνεχεια τα glam shine συγκεκριμενα, εχουν διαρκεια, καλη υφη και ομορφα χρωματα.
    Το μανο αυτο δεν χρειαζεται top coat.
    Miss Starshiny

  3. Το βερνίκι νυχιών έχει τέλειο χρώμα για το καλοκαίρι!!!! Με γεια σου!!!

  4. Ειναι τελεια ολα τα χρωματα!!πηραμε σχεδον τα ιδια απλα αντι για το 2ο λιπ γκλος εμενα μου ετυχε ενα μπλε βερνικι νυχιων
    ολα ειναι οπως κ το ονομα της σειρας σα ζαχαρωτα!!με γεια να τα χαρεις!!

    Φιλακια πολλα κοπελα μ!!

  5. @missstarshiny to ksero oti den xriazete, ala emena maresi auto to sigekrimeno top coat giati gializei trela!!

    @maria thanks :)

    @caramellitsa to ble tha to agoraso egw :)

  6. I'm boycotting L'Oréal but that nail polish does look pretty (:

  7. ola einai yperoxa me geia sou .alla emena mou eresoun para poly ta lip gloss.

  8. yperoxa ola...poso zileuw!!!

  9. einai pragmatika ola teleia :)

  10. πολυ ωραια ολα! ευχομαινα τα χαρεις!
    που πρεπει να γραφτω ωστε να παιρνω τα νεα προιοντα της εταιριας;