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My Current Iron Supplements

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Some may say this post isnt that much beauty related but i dont mind, i feel like im mainly a beauty blogger from that point on if i find something interesting thats out of the beauty category of course im going to let you know. As there arent many reviews for this product i decided i should do one and i would like to from now on start showing you those extra things in my life that i love or hate. Enjoy !

Spatone 100% Natural Iron Supplement

My Iron Problem
For any of you who dont know, i do have very low levels of iron in my blood. This is due to the fact that i dont eat a lot of meat ( yes , even though im Greek) and i drink a lot of tea and dont eat enough fruit. You are probably thinking what has the last two points got to do with anything, well heres the facts. Did you know when you eat for example some meat that contains high levels of iron in and drink some tea that the tea stops the iron staying in the blood. Did you know that Vitamin C (found in fruits) helps the absorption of iron to your blood. I didnt and im trying to fix this. 

I suffer from hair loss as well which is due to the iron deficiency i have and i used to get really tired easily, but that was until i started taking supplements. When the doctor gave me some iron tablets and liquid like shots (i like to call them) i couldnt eat and my stomach was turning like crazy. I couldnt take them anymore so i opted for more natural methods that are kinder to the stomach, i have tried several but for now this is the first one im going to show you, Spatone.    

This is a big and heavy box ( by the terms of normal sizes and weights of supplements), inside the box it has 28 one a day sachets. These sachets as demonstrated in the pictures are to be drank with either water or juice. I drink mine with juice because the taste of them with water reminds me of blood , yes blood whereas the juice disguises this taste. You empty out the sachet in a cup and then fill it up with juice in my case till it fills up around 3/4 of the glass. You then must drink it within 2 minutes.

I have actually enjoyed taking these iron supplements because at the same time they have encouraged me to drink juice which is great because i get my one out of five a day. They are easy to carry around all you need is a sachet if your gone for a day and whenever you get that chance to drink some water from a bottle or some juice, just empty the sachet in the product and drink. They are not sticky or dirty, im saying this because previous iron supplements have been. They are 100% natural and are suitable for everyone over the age of two , pregnancy, vegetarians , vegans, health conscious and so on. 

What i love about this sachets are that at the back of everyone there is a fact about iron, so everytime i would take my daily dose i would learn something new. They are also easily absorbed and are kind to your stomach - kudos points. I love the fact that even for some reason if you forget the instructions at the back of every sachet there are instructions , ingredients and facts. These are not that expensive if you think about what you get , they work out around 10 euro and i got mine from Feel Unique and i now need to buy another box. I have loved these, they have not caused me any problems and they managed to provide iron to my body just like other supplements did.  

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If you have iron deficiency i recommend these by far and for anyone interested i know they sell on Feel Unique another product from their range that has apple flavored sachets of iron with vitamin C already in. I think ill be trying these next!!

Do you have iron deficiency?! If so what do you take ?! 
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  2. Παλαιότερα αντιμετώπιζα τέτοιο πρόβλημα.Έπαιρνα σίδηρο σε χαπάκια, που μου είχε συστήσει ο γιατρός και ευτυχώς το αντιμετώπισα,με επιτυχία..
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