Friday, 11 May 2012

Summer Must Haves : Sun Protection

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The weather is so weird here , its warm yet looks like a day from Autumn. I wanted to continue my little summer guide for summer/ holidays or hot weather in general because i do love sharing my tips and finding out your tips as well. I hope you have entered my competition and i look forward to announcing the winner !! Enjoy my summer guide part two and let me know if theres anything else you would like me to mention !!

Sun Protection 

Im not going to lie i dont hugely know the shizz about suncream , the how it was created and what the reasons are behind each name. Im going to share with you what i do know about suncream , what i like to use and so on. Obviously i would like to point out i am half Greek and luckily enough for me i took from the Greek side and came out with olive/chocolate colored skin, which means i tan well and i dont really need that much protection. (I still need it but you know what i mean .)

Lets begin with the face , its the one part of my body that i constantly no matter what make sure i have suncream on with high protection. Its important as well that the suncream is suitable for your skin type because some of them will start to cause problems for your skin and can break you out or even bring you out in rashes. I use Korres 50 spf at the moment , it is for all skin types and even though its good at doing its work i dont feel that comfortable with it , considering i have oily skin the formula is pretty heavy which doesnt make my skin feel that good. Most formulas for oily skin are light and are a gel like substance, it feels so much better on the skin. Anyway lets move on because im now nearly talking about skin biology which is off the subject.

For my body i dont really have a specific cream that i use to protect me from the sun as my body is pretty normal and if anything its in need of hydration. I currently have Garnier Golden Tan finish with spf 30, its really nice because it applies on lightly and gives this lovely glow to your skin.

For my lips , now that it is summer i use a lip balm that has spf in , the one i am using at the moment is by Apivita and it has spf 15 in. This makes sure my lips are moisturized and protected at the same time !! Who wouldnt want this kind of protection ?!

For my hair , which i still havent purchased (naughty me ) , i have found different sprays retailing at around 10 euro organic and non organic in supermarkets and in chemists. Just the way you protect your hair from thermal stylers , you need to protect your hair from the sun that burns your hair without you knowing it.

This is pretty much everything as far as going protecting your body from the sun. I will be doing a guide to tanning ( which will be by far my favorite guide )  so look out for the next post and send in your requests of other guides you would like me to do.

Let me know whether you protect all of your body ?! What do you use for your hair protection ?!

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  1. Έχω κι εγώ λιπαρή επιδερμίδα και ό,τι έψαχνα το βρήκα στο La Roche Posay Fluide Extreme! Λεπτόρευστη υφή και δεν αφήνει λιπαρότητα!!

  2. Και εγώ la roche posay πήρα!Του κορρε μου προκαλει απίστευτη λιπαρότητα..
    Και μόλις μου θύμισες πως θέλω να πάρω αντηλιακό για τα μαλλιά!!

  3. Love the Garnier Golden Tan as well!! And what a smell.. =)

  4. Aγόρασα πρόσφατα το αντηλιακό προσώπου της Avene,με δείκτη προστασίας 50.Για τα μαλλιά,το κόκκινο αμπέλι του Κορρέ και για το σώμα το καινούριο αντηλιακό Carroten(που μυρίζει απίστευτα!)

  5. Θέλω και εγώ να πάρω ένα αντηλιακό για τα μαλλιά. Το έχω δει της Carroten αλλά δεν ξέρω αν μετά τα μαλλιά σου είναι λιπαρά.

  6. Εγώ αγόρασα πρώτα ένα παιδικό της Apivita για τις κόρες μου (έδινε και δώρο το σαμπουάν του) και για εμένα έχω βάλει στο μάτι την προσφορά της Roc, σώματος και προσώπου με 20 ευρώ. Η Apivita έχει μια φανταστική προσώπου με χρώμα ή χωρίς που δίνει και δώρο μια απαλή ενυδατική.

  7. I didn't know KORRES has sunscreen!

  8. Ooh, this is a really helpful post, I'm going on holiday in a few months so will be stocking up for sure! In the meantime, I don't really need too much sun protection because the UK's constantly grey (although I'm super paranoid I'll burn in the foulest of weather, ha) xx

  9. Εγώ για το πρόσωπο δεν έχω κάποιο φέτος καθώς τα πρωινά δεν με βλέπει πολύ ο ήλιος αλλά και γιατί η γιατρός μου είπε ότι με την ενυδατική και το make up είμαι καλυμμένη!!
    Αν πάρω κάποιο πάντως θα είναι από la roche posay που εμπιστεύομαι πολύ :)

  10. Thank you all for your comments !! I want to start off by saying that i totally agree with the fact that Korres is a bit heavy for the skin and can get quite greasy looking. However i do prefer the idea of Korres Red Vine Hair Protector because it looks so nice and its organic. Carroten hair protector looks good as well , i dont know whether they leave your hair greasy however as soon as i try one out i will be writing a review !! :) Thanks girls for your lovely comments once again !! xo

  11. kai egw thelw na parw ena antiliko gia ta mallia.lew an parw na dokimasw afto tis carroten.