Monday, 11 June 2012

Face Cream Reviews

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I decided today would be the perfect day to start talking about some products i have been trying out and hopefully maybe these products will help you out for some of your summer buys. I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the warm weather where you are. Enjoy this post !
Face Cream Reviews!
la Roche-Posay 20 SPF Anthelios facial suncream: Let me begin by saying i was sent this to try out and i was really excited as i have never tried any products from this brand. The packaging for this suncream is quite informative and is waterproof (bonus points). The shape of the bottle is really weird its almost like a mobile phone with an antenna if you look at it closely. The nozzle of the bottle is one of those squeeze ones ( dont know what they are called). This particular suncream i have is for combination to oily skin types and the great thing about it is that the actual product is so gentle towards my acne prone skin. It is watery the suncream and is absorbed easily by your skin however it does give your skin that 'white effect' for around 10 minutes. It lasts really long and is water resistant. This has been definitely one of my favorites suncreams so far as it hasnt broke me out and has an invisible feeling to my skin, as if i havent applied anything. Theres nothing worse than heavy suncream. 
Garnier Ultra Lift Face Cream: This is a 2 in 1 cream , it contains a serum and a cream helping make your skincare routine less complicated. This is supposed to help fight your skin against wrinkles even deep ones and illuminates and firms your skin. I am 21 years old, i dont believe i have any wrinkles and even if i do im sure they are small and discreet so as far as the anti ageing part i cant comment on it. I applied this to my face morning and night and loved the smooth feeling it left to my skin. I found after about a month my skin was more firm and smoother. There is also a strong smell to this cream which i loved. The packaging is very different , it comes in a pump dispenser and the great thing about it is that you can see how much product you have left. Speaking on how much product is left , i can say i noticed (using one pump for each use) this cream does run out pretty quickly , i would say around 2 months it lasts max.  It didnt cause me any break outs however it didnt exactly help fight acne (which i know thats not its purpose but that would be the only reason i wouldnt buy this cream for now , because i need creams to help cure acne.)

Macrovita Oil Balancing Mat Cream: I absolutely adore Macrovita in general, i always buy their products because they are truly organic and healthy for your skin. Me and my aunt are great fans of the brand ! I was sent this to try out however , this used to be my cream about 2 years ago. So i can tell you a lot about this cream. Firstly when my aunt saw i had some blemishes on my face she went and asked her friend who has an organic shop here where i live what remedy i should try. She sent me a couple of samples of this cream and once using it i was in shock at how calm my skin became and how much better it already looked, so i went and bought it. I stopped using it for different reasons , i have noticed my face when it gets used to something such as a cream it stops working as well so i am obliged to change brands every time a cream finishes and secondly because i was in England and couldnt find Macrovita anywhere. I love the packaging for this cream its a very simple design yet clear and has an English and Greek translation. The expiry date is noted clearly on the back mine being 03/2016 , so its lasts quite a long time. The cream is very long lasting making it more economic. From the first use you can really tell that it is balancing the oil on your face because it gives this matte finish as the bottle says. It helps improve the appearance of acne however i wouldnt say it cures it. The product itself is a thick yet light texture with a caramel color to it. It has a very natural smell , almost reminds me of plants (it probably is) and its discreet so it shouldnt cause any irritation. When blended it has a refreshing feel to your skin is absorbed super quickly. One of my favorite creams for helping acne. 
Thats about everything for now ! I hope you enjoyed the post and dont forget to enter my competition open worldwide!
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  1. i antiliaki krema einai teleia autin eperna k oso ekana leizwr sto proswpo foveri prostasia!!!

  2. Τη La Roche Posay σαν εταιρεία τη λατρεύω!!!Έχει εκπληκτικά προϊόντα!!!Τη συγκεκριμένη αντηλιακή δεν την έχω δοκιμάσει αλλά δείχνει πολύ καλή!!!Φιλάκια πολλά και σε περιμένω και στο blog μου να τα λέμε και από εκεί!!!

  3. the macrovita cream seems amazing, could you talk about the brand in general? i'm going to live in Greece in a few months and i would like to know the national brands! thank you

  4. Ωραία review κοπέλα μου :)

  5. euxaristo koritsia simfono oti tis la roche possay einai fandastiki !

    @vir i will make sure i do post on the company !!