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Summer Must Haves : A guide to Tanning

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Today is going to be all about sharing those tanning tips with yourselves as i am a tanaholic, i think i know a few things. Its really important to be logic when it comes to tanning, if you are very white, it will be very difficult for your body all of a sudden to have a dark brown tan. I want to make this clear im talking about women who know themselves that they do tan but just need some extra tips. As far as paler tone skins, my tips are embrace it and make it look good. Read more below !

A guide to Tanning  

Firstly i would like to begin with categories, its very important you know which category you fit in- for example tan a lot, burn , tan and burn and so on. Im personally tan a lot, thankfully i have took from my Greek side and have a pretty olive tone to my skin. I have come across numerous situations where my friends from England would have tanned too much for what their skin tone can take and would have had to seek some medical attention. Thats why its important you know what category you fit in so you dont push yourself too much. Think of it like an overweight person trying to do all the exercise a footballer does a day, if they push their body much they will also need medical attention. Accept who you are.

Before you tan.
I dont know if any of you know there are some really good pre-tanning creams out there for example Elemis Tan Accelerator. My mam first introduced me to this, being a huge fan of Elemis. What this basically does is you apply it at least 2 weeks before you go on holiday and it helps naturally bring to the surface melanin (which helps you tan) so as soon as youre in the sun, straight away your tanning much quicker. Without this your skin tans in a slower process. Theres nothing dangerous about this cream, it smells of bananas. I have bought two bottles of this stuff and it is fantastic. At only 20 euro it can be bought here CLICK ME ! This can be used on everyone and every skin type.

When you are tanning.
Its really important to buy a tanning oil for maximum color. I mostly use oils they tend to be the best at providing more sun exposure to your skin. Another good tip is using baby oil (bare in mind no sun protection) i can remember a friend of mine used to apply baby oil on her skin and tan, works just as well but it doesnt protect you. Thats why its a must you buy a oil from a suncare brand, i currently have Carroten's. Here is a selection of some oils from the internet you can all buy. CLICK HERE . 

A tan is not just going to automatically come by itself, its important you are in the sun exposing your body to the sun as long as possible. When lying down make sure you switch sides roughly for the same durations so you get more of an even tan. I personally recommend lying down for half an hour on your front , make sure everywhere is covered in oil or some sort of tanning product - during this time you can talk with friends , read a book or listen to music. Then get up go for a swim in the sea or even just a cool down for 15 minutes and then come back lie down on your other side and repeat process. This is just an example of a good schedule for tanning, 

If lying down isnt for you then how about a walk along the beach or playing some sort of sport (volley) on the beach - youre still tanning. Tanning doesnt have to be boring , in fact you dont even realize most of the time how much you really are tanning. 

After tan.
I always believe your real color comes out after showering once you have been tanning. What i tend to do is straight away i go back to the hotel and take a shower. I make sure i fully exfoliate all my body and even apply a mask to my face for some hydration. Once i come out , thats when i tend to feel parts i have maybe burned. If i even burn its on my shoulders and my cheeks - nowhere else. Thats mostly because im not constantly topping up suncream. Its really important to have some after cream around because if you dont or even if you think you dont need it - trust me if it happens it will hurt and it can even start making your skin peel. Apply some cooling gel or cream on the areas you were burnt and then apply some really good hydrating body lotion all over your body because hydrated skin equals longer lasting tan. Here are some cooling gels for you to check out CLICK HERE ! You can use just simple Greek Yoghurt as well on those burns .

Last but not least - Cooling whilst tanning.
Im not going to lie, that feeling of sweat from the sun exposure kills me. I absolutely hate feeling sweaty so i decided to try and find a solution. Apart from the obvious ways to help eliminate sweat , i bought a cooling spray. These are fantastic , if youre lying there frying up spray some of it on your body or face for that cool down. Try to get one without a scent though because they tend to feel really heavy during summer and you cant breathe from all the aroma. I love using Carroten's and Avenes. Such good cooling spray! What a great solution for tanning longer and also for in general. If you are wearing makeup spray this on and pat some powder to your skin. 
I think thats everything as far as my tanning tips go , if i think of anything else ill let you know !! Let me know girls are you tanaholics and what your tips are ?!
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  1. Ohh i love that Avene Eau thermale... amazinggggg not only at the beach but any other time of the day ;)

    kisses :D

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  4. Yes, i completely agree anastasia !!
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    Cute and girly dms , i know the feeling kai egw to idio patheno otan diavazo ta alla ta blog :D xo

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