Monday, 9 July 2012

June Favorites 2012

Hello Everyone !!
Once again i do apologize for my lack of interaction with you guys , i am doing my best to get blog every now and then , be patient for one more week and i should be back on track. I havent even been watching True Blood , thats how busy I am. I wanted to share with you guys my June Favorites (quite late) , things i have been using frequently this month and have loved with a very small review next to them. Enjoy!

June Favorites 2012  

Carroten Facial Water 

I have to admit its not the most cooling out the whole lot out there but i love the fact that it is a huge bottle because lets be honest the small handy ones are never enough. I have had this since last year (i bought it around this time) and have been using it it up to now. Its lasted me a good 3-4 months. No break outs to my skin and i think its only 6 euro (if im right in saying so). Avenes facial water i find however to be more cooling than this one.

Bioten Eye Makeup Remover

Love this stuff, once again it hasnt caused me any eye skin problems or rashes. It is very very cheap and can be bought from your local supermarket here in Greece. I got mine for 3 euro when buying the facial wipes free , what a bargain. This takes off eye makeup fantastic especially for its price, its quality certainly beats some of its higher retailed competitors. If youre a girl whose on a budget then this is a must have. 

Nurofen Express

This is completely out of the subject of beauty but i thought i would share it with you as this is something i have been using for years. Nurofen has these very clever ibuprofen's that are very helpful to people who have difficulty swallowing pills. Outside is coated in something that has the taste of sugar and the are very smooth on the surface (think tic tacks). Im one of those people who cant swallow pills so ive been taking them for so long to help me fight against my monthly cramps.They are good for everything migraines,cramps, the flu and so on. If you are going to buy these make sure you get this packet as the other ranges havent got the taste of sugar. 

Bourjois Lipstick in 23 

I have been loving this lipstick it has tints of red, gold and coral in it which i love. This has been a great night time lipstick yet at the same time day time lipstick. I love the fact it has a little mirror on the lid and that it gives my face that golden summer goddess finish touch. Try it with some bronzer and neutral shadows for best results. 

Thanks a lot for reading girls , i hope you loved this post ! Let me know whether these are any of your favorites. 
Kisses xo


  1. To Carroten facial water δεν είχα ξαναδεί!!! Σε ευχαριστώ για την ενημέρωση!!! ;o))XXX

  2. α! με πιάνεις αδιάβαστη με το carroten, που το πουλάνε αυτό και δεν το είδα;

    τα νύχια σου πολύ μου άρεσαν , είναι με στάμπα λη με dotting tool;

  3. ωραία αγαπημένα :)

  4. Ooh, the Bourjois lipstick looks lovely! I can't use Nurofen as I'm allergic haha :/ xx

  5. Μου αρεσε το bourjois κραγιον!
    Miss Starshiny

  6. το ντεμακιγιαζ της bioten ειναι κ απο τα δικα μου αγαπημενα μου αρεσει το ποσο δροσερο κ απαλο αφηνει το δερμα μετα βαζω κ την τονωτικη λοσιον της σειρας κ ειναι ακομα πιο ωραια η αισθηση!φιλακιααααα

  7. tha dokimasw t spray water! m aresoun polu kati tetoia, oso gia tis bioten me duskolepse na t ksevgalw olo t makeup st matia! :/ krima gt exei polu wrea proionta !