Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer Must Haves : Travel Luggage

Hello ! Im back !!!
No i wasnt on holiday , sadly. I have just been really busy and havent had the chance to blog , i wanted to share with you some of my great luggage ideas. I am always traveling so i have pretty good experience with good suitcases and backpacks. Enjoy this post and have a fab holiday !


Have you ever been to the airport and noticed different peoples suitcases breaking or damaged. This is because they dont invest in a good quality suitcase that is strong and will last.   
My favorite brand for suitcases is antler. I bought my first and only antler from an outlet store in England for around 80 euro. As you can see in the photograph, i think you will all agree it is of excellent quality still even though its seven year old. It has several pockets inside and outside and it is lined with pink waterproof material on the inside. Antler suitcases do come with a guarantee which shows you how confident they really are in their products.


I love backpacks for holidays , even though im more of a wear whats in fashion kind of girl , i love them. Theres nothing more easier than wearing a backpack on your back than carrying a heavy bag thats hurting your shoulder. Ive been through the pain and have plenty of experience to tell you - please carry a backpack when traveling. My favorite backpacks are by Eastpack, everything about Eastpack screams to me really good quality and long lasting. Yet again , another company that offers guarantee for the bags and if im right in saying so 30 years. Backpacks are great for placing your books,makeup,water,purse inside or even using them as beach bags. I got this from Lycshop who were kind enough to send me it. 

I hope you enjoyed my guide and try out these two brands at some point. What brands do you use ?!
Thanks for reading !
Kisses xo

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