Sunday, 26 August 2012

August/Holiday Favourites 2012 Video

Hello Girls!!
I filmed a video last night before i headed out to meet death.Yes, thats right. A litre of Bacardi and lots of shots on the house are the equal of death- doesnt help either that i am a lightweight. All day today i have been a walking zombie thanks to my fabulous hangover. I swore to myself that i would upload and edit the video tonight and guess what i did. Enjoy this post with my monthly favourites in Greek and by the way i havent forgotten about my English readers my next video will be in English. If theres anything in particular you would like to see talk about or do in English let me know below. 

Video Time! 


 I also wanted to quickly show you last nights makeup look.I hope you like it :)

Thanks for reading and dont forget to let me know whether you enjoyed the video and what your favourites were !!
Kisses xo


  1. Wow! Your makeup look is so sexy!
    Nice favourites!

  2. Ooh, I actually think I understood one or two words in your video - shall have to go and tell my mother all those afternoons she spent trying to teach me some basic phrases actually paid off! Looking forward to your English video, though.
    Your make up from last night looks gorgeous :) xx

  3. Το μακιγιάζ της φωτογραφίας είναι ΘΕΪΚΌ!!

  4. @beautymagnets thank you :)

    @francesca thank you :) yes , i guess these greek videos will be great practise for you :)

    @claire dt euxaristo poli !!!