Thursday, 9 August 2012

DIY Body Wrap

Good Morning !
Two days till i go on holiday , yey !!Time really does fly over and im thinking to myself after this holiday when i come back , summer will nearly be over- double boo. This year im determined for winter to go on a skiing trip or to go somewhere in general , abroad. How i love discovering new countries, people , traditions and ways of life. Thats me blabbing on , excuse me. Today i want to show you a real good body wrap i do to myself to either get that cellulite cream really working or to get moisturized as much as possible. Enjoy !

DIY Body Wrap

Im not going to lie , i invented this myself. Im not sure if its exists however i used some ideas i had seen - especially from beauticians. Have you ever heard of the body wrap that you do and your body loses like 3 inches. Ive heard people telling me prices over 200 euro which is shocking considering it only lasts a few days. This therapy included one of our favourite kitchen accessories cling film. I know it sounds crazy right but trust me wrapping cling film a few times around your leg for example creates heat which equals your pores opening. Putting on cream underneath the cling film means it will be sucked in quicker and deeper which means once again it will do a better job than just applying it by hand. 

 Lets begin !

You will need : Cling Film, Cellulite Cream or a Body Lotion/Butter. 

In this example im going to be using cellulite cream STC Seaweed Gel (You can find this HERE!)

First of all get your cream and start applying it quite thickly on your legs (in my case) . The key is that the cream doesnt disappear into your skin, that it just looks like it needs more rubbing in. The kind of effect we get with thick body butter. 

 Then get the cling film and start wrapping it around your legs like i have done in the picture. Wrap it around twice at least. 

After about an hour or two take it off and any excess cream that is left over should be blended and your done. 
Thats it ! Simple and really moisturizing.

    I have been doing this these past couple of days because i will be going to the beach and i want my legs to be super moisturized. Let me know will you be trying this out ?! Do you do anything similar ?!
Kisses xo


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