Friday, 3 August 2012

July 2012's Face Care Routine

Good Morning !
As a beauty blogger a lot of you will understand the reason i mentioned the month for this face care routine. I am constantly sent products to try out all the time and right now im quite happy with the routine i have going on. I will make sure everytime i am satisfied with a routine and would recommend it to you guys i mention it on my blog. This one i really like, Enjoy !

My Face Care Routine

As soon as i wake up in the morning i head up straight to the bathroom to wash my face with my Korres Cleansing Foam and then gently pat my face dry. 

Straight away i apply my current face cream which is my Macrovita Oil Balancing Mat Cream which by the way is an all time favourite as well. I dont have that big of a problem with my eyes so i tend to apply eye cream once or twice a week my favourite one is by Korres for fine lines and dark circles Evening Primrose. 

Lately i have noticed in between my chest all of a sudden these deep lines keep appearing and then disappearing it is probably the start of some wrinkles, oh boo. Any anti age creams instead of them being wasted i tend to apply them on my chest and neck. Im currently using Bioten's Skin Defense dark spot correcting cream, ok so this might not be exactly for fighting against wrinkles but i dont have any dark spots. Even just moisturizing your skin with any sort of cream can really help fight against wrinkles. May i just add i love this cream so far !!    

I will then go eat breakfast do whatever and after about 15 minutes i tend to go apply my suncream which is currently La Roche Posays 20 spf. Love this stuff so light and gentle , i even apply a little bit to my eyes. 

On a night time i dont cleanse and tone unless i am wearing makeup sometimes your skin being too clean in my position (oily and acne prone skin type) can cause further problems. I normally put my face cream on from Frezyderm that helps fight against acne and acne scarring. Guess what its half the price of Erybenz and does exactly the same thing. 

Thats everything for today! Let me know what your skin care routine is ?!
Thanks Girls xo


  1. I always love reading about the product you're using because they're not the same brands we really get in the UK, it's just such a shame they're not always easy to get over here - I've been wanting to try the acne fighting cream you use for ages, but I think all my relatives in Greece are sick of me asking them to ship stuff over, haha! xx

  2. @francesca there are greek online pharmacies which ship abroad and at low cost:D

  3. Το zarcad το χρησιμοποιούσα και εγώ για κάνα 6μήνο!! Όντως είναι πολύ καλή για την ακμή :)

  4. χρησιμοποιω κ γω την ιδια αντιηλιακη κ την κρεμα κατα των δυσχρωμιων κ μαρεσουν πολυ στην υφη κ στα αποτελεσματα
    θελω να ξαναπαρω προιοντα korres για το προσωπο ειχα παλια κ ειχα ξετρελαθει μακραν απο τα καλυτερα!

  5. Francesca thank you for your lovely comment !!! yes anastasia has a point there are plenty of Greek pharmacies sending abroad and if you look on Ebay you can find the products !!If youre still having difficulty try contacting the brand for more information on their suppliers abroad !

    Claire dt Nai kai mena maresi arketa kai einai pio oikonomiko apo to erybenz !!

    caramelitsa kai egw palia eixa trelo kolima me ton korres milame protou vgei sto eksoteriko , otan meta vgeike omos paratirisa san brand allakse para poli kai kapos san na mas egrapse emas tous ellines , eidika sto blogging world.

  6. Συμφωνώ για το αντηλιακό!!Είναι σούπερ!και γω αυτό χρησιμοποιώ με 50 spf!!

  7. Select an all-regular hostile to maturing facial cream with youth recovering oil for day utilize. It will help your skin to recuperate from the harm brought about by free radicals and UV beams.