Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites 2012

Hello !!!
Im back and im back for good. Thats what i think so anyway... For any of you who didnt know my grandad had to go to hospital so i had to take over a lot of house chores which meant zero free time. I am not going to lie next week i will be going on holiday however i will be super prepared with lots of posts so you dont miss out on a thing. 

July Favourites 2012

Vichy Eau Thermale This was sent to me by Parapharmacie an online pharmacy store who are always supporting this blog and its buyers with really low prices.My carroten facia water had finished and thankfully i had a backup to keep me refreshed. It has no aroma and it is soothing and fortifying.

Bioten Firming Body Lotion I have really been loving this stuff, its one of those creams that leaves a tingling feeling to those areas you apply it to. It instantly is absorbed by your skin and contains mandarin oil. Its a great body cream that does two jobs at once. 

Macrovita Aloe Vera Gel You only need a little bit of this stuff and its an excellent first aid for summer. Its known for treating skin conditions and this is great for sunburn , rashes, eczema and even applying to your face. It has a light refreshing smell and is organic.

Apivita Express Beauty Cucumber Mask This is a must have for summer after sunbathing. The sun literally sucks all the moisture out of our hair and skin so theres nothing better than afterwards treating your skin with a hydrating mask. This one is fab and cooling , place it in the fridge for that extra chill. 

Thank you so much for reading, let me know what were your favourites for July !!??
Kisses xo    


  1. εχουμε την ιδια κρεμα της bioten! eimai k egw polu euxaristimeni :D

  2. I want to try Vichy Eau Thermale, I've been obsessed with face sprays lately! Well, it's so hot it's not that weird to use them every day, right? Many kisses and happy August doll!