Friday, 31 August 2012

Lovely Blog Award!

Good Morning Ladies!
The truth is i used to really like awards but now i only like the ones that have a little bit of fun in them such as the one im about to do. I get a lot of awards and after a while i thought my blog is going to look like a huge list of them which i dont like (and by no means did i mean t sound big headed :p). This is why i tend to only pay attention to a few, that can let you readers know a little more about me. 
Enjoy !

Lovely Blog Award.  

I was tagged by the lovely Cute and Girly DMS and apparently i have to share 7 really personal things about me and then award 7 blogs. So here we go !

1) I love taking courses, im one of those people who would do course after course- i love learning. 

2) 99% of the time i make my bed as soon as i wake up. I feel like its bad Feng Shui.

3) I always close the lid of the toilet. Once again feng shui :p

4) When i crave chocolate , i crave it and if i dont have it i go crazy. Chocoholic.

5) I dont wear any color eyeshadows. Just neutrals and smokey colors. 

6)  I always touch wood if im saying something that i dont want to happen. 

7) Im scared of the dark.

These are my personal facts , i hope you are not laughing or making fun out of me. You have probably just realized that i have ocd or that i am crazy! 
Well im not. LOL

The 7 blogs i Tag are :

Thanks for reading and i look forward to reading your tags as well !!
Kisses xo 


  1. Lol, I do the same thing with the lid of the toilet I am getting mad when my man doesn't close it! And I am scared of the dark,too...
    Oh! I am tagged! Thank you girl!!!

  2. Thanks a lot for the award hun! I enjoyed your personal things, I like taking courses too :D

  3. Thank you so much, honey, it's so kind of you to tag me! It's scary how much these facts apply to me, too, haha xx

  4. korina - lol my boyfriend goes crazy with me when i do it !!

    natalie - courses are fab!

    fashion- youre welcome !

    francesca - lol :)