Thursday, 23 August 2012

Palette Natural Colors 376 Dark Brown Chocolate Hair Dye

After a lovely holiday that i miss oh so much, i decided to dye my hair. It was well overdue its dying date however because of the constant sun exposure whilst on holiday i knew it would be pointless, so i decided i would dye it when i returned. I think i went through a crisis however, maybe im having a young aged crisis , is there such a thing?! I was like , im going to dye my hair red, purple , black dip dye , cut it short. STOP ELPITHA. I was so desperate to dye my hair or cut it different to my usual but something always stops me because i love the brunette look and i think it suits me best. I decided to get rid of my craving , i would find a hair dye a touch different to my usual color. Here it is , enjoy!

Palette Natural Color in 376 Dark Brown Chocolate

Dont be distracted by the color name, im not lying it is different than your usual brown - yet very discreet.   It has tints of red in but not exactly red , i would say redish brown and you can tell straight away by the girl on the cover. Its a very warm brown which naturally brings out tones of red. Anyway here some details. 

It comes with the following items, a rather small box compared to other hair dyes that i would say dyes short to medium length hair. If you need more product you will probably have to buy a second box. Great thing is that it is reasonably priced here in Greece at only 4.99 euro and it does a pretty good job. 


The hair dye certainly does have a rather strong smell of chemicals its not as discreet as organic hair dyes. I noticed with this hair dye my hair didnt fall out a lot and it didnt feel/seem as damaging as other hair dyes towards my hair. I didnt use the mask provided as im not a fan of them because ive noticed everytime i do use them hair dye masks they seem to shed lots of my hair. Boo!

(Top photo : In Bright light /Bottom photo: In normal Daylight.)

I kept the dye on for 20 minutes and it did cover my grey hairs ( yes, i do have some regardless my age) and didnt make my scalp feel itchy at all. I shampooed it twice and then placed a hair mask on my hair (organic one) and let my hair dry naturally and it really did bring out a beautiful result with red tint when light hits my head. This is a permanent hair dye by the way.

Overall i do recommend this, this is really good for any girls who are on a low budget (money wise) but still want salon like quality. The only thing i would like to see changed about this product is the smell to not be as strong and more product. Apart from that im pleased with the result and the 5 euro bargain so thanks a lot Schwarzkopf!

Let me know whether you liked the color or if you have used this hair dye before?! It would also be really nice if you let me know what hair brand hair dye you would like to see me review next !
Thank you Girls !!
Kisses xo


  1. looks great! Με'γειά σου!! =)

  2. I use to use Garnier hair dye when I first started dying my hair but now I'm looking into cruelty-free hair dyes x

  3. thank you argyrousa !!
    cruelty free hair dyes sound great ill try find some for next time !!

  4. Πολύ γλυκό χρώμα!! :)