Friday, 21 September 2012

Celebrity Inspiration

Hello Strangers !
I feel like i have been gone ages even though i think its only been four days. Im not going to lie my mood has been very depressing this week thats why i never blogged. Its almost like i have my period when i dont , my hormones are up and down and my skin has broke out viciously (btw sorry for the detail if you happen to be a boy reading). I have been fighting a battle with acne and pimples, my skins been really bad and i think its probably one of the new creams i have been using. Its probably not for my skin. Moving on... i decided i would do a post showing you celebrities that inspire me (think beauty wise and fashion.). I hope you enjoy !

Celebrity Inspiration

Thats all i can think off for now ! I have probably missed out a lot more women... Can everyone please note that i am inspired by the way they have their makeup/hair done and the way they dress. This statement doesnt necessarily mean i agree with their lifestyles! 

Let me know do any of these women inspire you and if so which one ?!
Kisses xo 


  1. og course Blair!! she is so stylish!!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!!

  2. Καλώς σε βρήκα! Πολύ καλή η λίστα σου για έμπνευση!!

  3. Όλες είναι υπέροχες, μου αρέσουν και εμένα πολύύύ!
    Μόλις σου έδωσα βραβείο δες εδώ:

  4. ohh my gosh lovely post but u forgot my fave _ olivia palermo! :P

  5. @citygirl shes so chic isnt she ?!
    @athina thank you athina :)
    @zoi se euxaristo poli zoi !
    @fashionsugarbubbles hmmm i havent really paid much attention to her to be honest !!