Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Pretty DIY Jar !

Good Morning !
I wanted to write a quick post showing you this fab jar that loreal had sent me and how i managed to make something very special out of it! Before i show you that i want to share with you that i am starting driving lessons next week, truth is when i was in England i did do lessons and failed my first test and since then due to circumstances couldnt continue right until now. So , wish me luck. 

My DIY Jar!
Its not difficult at all its a one step process but i think a must have for any beauty fanatic whether you want it just for decoration or to use. All you need is a jar and lots of makeup sponges that are different shapes and sizes, exfoliating sponges and mask sponges. By the way, i got lots of these packets of various sponges from Poundland in England.

All you have to do is wash out the jar with some soap and then let it dry and place inside all these sponges jumbled up. Put the lid on and thats it your done. This looks fantastic on a cosmetics table , in your bathroom the choice is yours. 

Let me know what you thought! What do you do with your empty jars!?
Kisses xo


  1. Πολύ όμορφή η ιδέα σου...το μεταμόρφωσες το βαζάκι!!!!

    Αν έχεις χρόνο, σε έχω κάνει tag στο post μου για τα most worn summer items....θα χαρώ να διαβάσω τα δικά σου

  2. Εγώ έχω βάλει μέσα δίσκους για ντεμακιγιάζ και μπατονέτες για να διορθώνω τυχόν λάθη! :)

  3. Τι τελεια ιδεα!! Και πρακτικο και πολυ ομορφο και δινει και χρωμα!!


  4. πω πω και οτι ελεγα τι να το κανω... λοιπον θα δανειστω την ιδεα σου! thx!

  5. Pretty, looks similar to my jar of LUSH bath bombs!