Friday, 28 September 2012

Vitamin C Fizzy Tablets by Additiva Review

Good Morning !
This morning has been a fabulous morning for myself even though it was very nerve racking before hand. I had my theory test, i know its nothing compared to the real thing but think about the fact i had to learn my theory stuff in my chosen second language being Greek. Much harder for me. I did myself proud though and passed, yey ! Thumbs up to the fantastic teacher i had who truly deserves a round of applause, i wish more teachers like him existed. Teachers who love what they do. Moving on from my daily ramble, i wanted today to review you to a supplement i was sent to try out. I hope you enjo this !!

Vitamin C Fizzy Tablets by Additiva
I would like to firstly begin by mentioning that i was sent these by the lovely online Greek pharmacist Parapharmacie. Also i should probably mention im not the kind of person who takes vitamins on a daily basis apart from my iron supplements which i tend to take whenever i remember too.

This comes in a paper box with a paper inside with a set of instructions sorry i dont have my own photo stole this from the google but yeah as shown below. The actual tube is waterproof and has hard plastic material which is great because it protects the very easily broken tablets inside. There are 20 tablets in total and they have a pink like colour. They can be consumed by children only if they are given half a tablet and by adults with a full a tablet.

Even though as far as im concerned i dont need any Vitamin C i still liked to take it for numerous reasons. Firstly this is fantastic to be taken now due to the fact it helps improve your body's immune system, which means not catching the flu. Especially if you are someone like me who doesnt tend to eat a lot of fruit and therefore doesnt get her intake of Vitamin C on a daily basis. The other reason is basically a theory of mine , i dont know if its scientifically tue but it works for me. Hangover cure. Yes , thats right you know that feeling where you cant move , think , speak due to the alchohol consumption the night before well the next morning i tend to make myself one of these after i have eaten food. It triggers my body to get working again. Love it !

Im going to link you guys up to the website you can buy this from and you should also check out some of their other stuff they have fantastic offers. This can be purchased for 5.50 euro cheap and good!

Hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know whether you guys take any supplements?!
Kisses xo 


  1. i dont drink things like that. yu dont have to if you eat in a healthy way#



  2. Δεν έχω πάρει ποτέ βιταμίνες αλλά που και που καλό θα ήταν να δοκιμάζουμε!! Σαν ενίσχυση του οργανισμού πάντα :)

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