Wednesday, 24 October 2012

NOTD Purple Loving

Good Morning !
I painted my nails last night and tried to think of some colours i have maybe left to the side this month. Straight away i came across my Essence  "43 Where is the party ?! ". Personally i believe this alone will look cheap and nasty , also quite childish due to its shimmer. I looked closely at the colour and noticed it had tones of purple in it. Straight away i picked up Korres "29 Ultra Violet" and there you go , look how fantastic they make one another stand out !! My new favourite nails !!

Who loves purple nail varnish ?! Let me know !! 
Kisses xo


  1. I adore where is the party I think it was the best shade in the old polish range, a perfect duochrome. they have replaced it with a really similar new one :-)

  2. poli wraio mano!!
    kai to blog sou poli kalo!!

  3. Το μοβ του Κορρε είναι θεϊκό!!

  4. @smugnificent yeah its really fab !!

    @lydia thanks :) xo

    @fairy i do too !! :p xo

    @eleni kai egw poli :) x

    @vicky bel se euxaristo !!

    @claire d.t simfono !!