Friday, 12 October 2012

Red Water Hair Dye Review

Hello ! 
Im so happy today , i got my driving license ... im very proud considering i got it first time around ! Yeyyyyy ! Moving on, i wanted to chat about and add to my hair dye review collection Red Water. Red Water is a company that is pretty much organic and natural which i adore. Whats better than a healthy hair dye for your hair?! 

Red Water Hair Dye in 3 Kastano Skouro (Dark Brown) 
This hair dye retails at around 7 euro and was sent to me by Red Water themselves. It is organic , is ethanolamine free and contains olive , oat and berrys. Sounds good so far ! The hair dye promises to give 100% coverage on white hairs and a bright colour that is long lasting. As you will be able to see in the photos below step by step that i do my hair , you will be able to see the texture and colour of the dye. 

May i just mention that it has been around 2 weeks since i dyed my hair so ive had a chance to look into this hair dye much more. I was so used to getting dark browns from all the other branded hair dyes that i was used to a result i was getting from them and that was a slightly dark brown. When i saw the results of this hair dye i was like woah, this is black ... but it wasnt it was dark brown. It seemed so dark to me because i was so used to getting lighter shades of brown when opting for this shade. This is something i loved about their range if the colour says red , it will be red , if it says copper it will be copper. True colour pay out and by the way i love the colour !!

As far as covering white hairs goes i give it 10/10 because it covered all of mine perfectly. They still remain to be covered as well... Long lasting bright colour, once again i completely agree the colour really is pretty much the same as it was two weeks ago and it is still bright there is no dullness in it. One of the things people commented on when i came out of the shower and showed the result was the shine in my hair from the hair mask that is provided in their kit. I found the amount given in one box was a generous amount, it was enough to dye my hair which is mid length. The only thing i noticed was that my hair fell out a lot during this dying process , now of course i cant just put the blame on the hair dye but neither can i ignore it. Apart from that , that is everything girls , this is a really great hair dye for any of you girls who look for bright , long lasting , true colour. Yes, i would definetely buy this again :) 

Let me know girls have you tried Red Water ?! What do you look for in a hair dye ?!\
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