Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wedding Dresses I adore !!

Hello Girls !!
No i am not getting married but that doesnt mean im not allowed to dream of my wedding dress. Im sure all of us have seen that dress and thought at some point THIS is what id like. I have started liking doing these posts due to the fact i realized its a fantastic way to get to know me better as a person, to see what things im into, see what inspires me and so on. Maybe we share things in common right ?! Do let me know. Enjoy !!

Wedding Dresses I Adore !! 

I know most of you will have probably noticed most of the dresses are by Vera Wang. The truth is im a huge sucker for chiffon materials and russles that are very romantic. Vera Wang in my opinion does these things. She makes every one of her dresses so detailed yet so simple and what they do is help bring out the beauty of yourself. I do believe in simple dresses and not hugely over the top. 

Let me know whats your favourite dress and designer ?!
Kisses xo


  1. really love the first one!
    amazing post!

  2. Μμμμ πολύ ρομαντικά όλα! Αυτό που μου τράβηξε το βλέμμα είναι το τέταρτο...

  3. @vickybel i do too !!

    @eleni nai einai kai auto oreo :)

  4. Πολύ όμορφα όλα, ιδιαίτερα κομμάτια! Βέβαια εγώ είμαι fan της "τούρτας"...

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