Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cetaphil Hydrating Lotion Review

Hello Beauties !
Today i wanted to talk to you about a product i had heard the best words about and finally got a chance to try. Cetaphil in my opinion is one of those companies that you dont hear that much about if you dont follow blogs or watch and beauty gurus on Youtube and doesnt really have that much credit. Personally their products are amazing, they might not look fab and all glammed up when you look at them but trust me they get the job done. Enjoy xo

Cetaphil Hydration Cream 
I want to begin by mentioning the packaging , this is a generous product with 470ml of product in it and i love the fact that the product is dispensed by a pump so much easier. The appearance doesnt catch your eye but it does give you this feeling that this product works. I think one of the things we need to note down is that this company maybe doesnt feel the need to attract the buyer by the appearance because they know they are selling good stuff.

The product itself has no aroma which is great for anyone who is little bit fussy and it does make you feel a slight bit better about its ingredients. It has a white colour the cream and i usually only need 2 pumps for the bottom part of my leg which isnt a lot of product. So its economical in my opinion. This cream has been the best cream i have ever tried for my skin and im actually going to look to see if they have a skincare range for oily skin. This hydrates my skin and leaves a lovely smooth feeling to my skin. After shaving my legs i really love placing this on my legs because it stops me itching . Its fantastic , yes of course i will be buying another one of these.

One the things i thought about when trying the product was men. As crazy as this sounds everyone knows how weird men are when it comes to skincare. They automatically feel like applying cream makes them gay lol. This brand is great because its very plain and does its job. I am personally planning on buying a few hand creams for my dad for Christmas after seeing the results from this brand. Apart from men this is great for all ages. This certain bottle that i have is especially for sensitive skin and costs around 17 euro and if you live here in Greece you can buy it from your local pharmacy.

So tell me who loves Cetaphil ?!
 Kisses xo


  1. Ego exo dokimasei to Gentle Cleanser!!!!
    Terastio boukali, aplo k basic gel katharismou!
    Ithela na dokimaso k tin enidatiki prosopou, alla fovamai tin posotita, an tyxon k den mou aresei :P

  2. 8elw na dokimasw opwsdhpote cetaphil. eidika to sapouni. edw exw vrei mono thn lotion pou edei3es esu.alla exw vrei ena online shop pou stelnei ellada kai to exei!