Thursday, 8 November 2012

La Roche-Posay Reviews

Hello Girls !
Im back today with some more La Roche-Posay reviews. These reviews are for two products i have been trying out over the past few weeks that were sent to me. I hope you do enjoy the reviews and of course let me know your opinion on these products too. 

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
I was sent this now , that it is Autumn and starting to get cold and i was thinking to myself how am i going to be able to try this out as i usually use these for summer when it gets very hot. All of a sudden i thought about the gym and that was it. Everytime i go to my gym my instructor kicks my ass and i end up sweating so much its disgusting. ( i hate sweating) At the end of the session i go to the changing rooms and spray this all over my face or my back and then wipe away with a towel. It makes me feel refreshed and clean - i love it. This product is totally worth it and the size is fantastic too because its huge. If you go to the gym i strongly advise you get one of these bad boys and spray yourself to cool down !!

La Roche-Posay Intense Soothing Care Cream 
Lets get something clear my skin type is combination to oily and is acne prone this is made especially for sensitive skins. I had my ups and downs with this cream... The packaging i wasnt really a fan off i believe face creams should be in tubs much easier to get your use out off as you will see further on. My cream fell down from my shelf and when i looked i noticed the cap had actually come off , i put it back on and it just didnt work anymore. :( I asked my dad to fix it and he couldnt so i told him to take the whole lid off and i would just place it upside down and the cream will come out but it just doesnt, its stuck. Now i have no way of getting some cream out of this bottle :( Boo. 

Moving on to the cream, this cream is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin , i would place it under my eyes and it would be even more kinder than an eyecream. This cream though isnt for me it hydrated my skin but it didnt do anything else . I am looking for a cream that is light and helps my skin control its appearance. This cream is a bit on the heavy side and just hydrates in my opinion. I would personally recommend this to teenagers who have sensitive skin and are just starting to take care of their skin. 

Thats all from me ! I hope you enjoyed this post , please do let me know your thoughts and what you look for in a cream ?!
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  1. Great review! I have always been curious about this product, and now you've totally convinced me to get out and buy one!

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