Friday, 23 November 2012

My New TBS Ginger Sparkle Set

Hello !
If you are a regular follower of my blog you will know im not usually the king of person who does these kind of posts before reviewing the item, however i am in love. As soon as i got The Body Shops press release with all the new Christmas stuff i took a photo of this set and sent it to my boyfriend and was like THIS, GET ME THIS. hahaha. This is my early birthday present which i adore and i just now received it off him , i couldnt wait any longer i had to open it. 

First look At This Set .
May i just take the time to say a few first impressions. Firstly the box is the best , its one of those tin like materials which is fab as it can be re-used again. I love the whole gingerbread man theme its a fantastic idea for Christmas and so cute. Its something that is so appealing to teenagers and even older women. Its a taste of a good old British Christmas in my opinion. As mentioned before the only thing missing from this set was an actual gingerbread man biscuit!! 

One of the things i was really worried about was the smell ,would i like it or not. Thankfully i really liked it , it has a spicy yet sweet smell to it. In the gift set there is a shower gel full size , a soap , body polish and a body butter (my fave). The only thing that let me down with the products was the body butter , i thought it was full size but hey the mini thing going on is hugely cute. 

This gift set costs 26 euro and in my opinion i would like to get another one hahaha. My boyfriend said to me for Christmas if i would like another one of these gift sets because he saw how much i loved this one. This is a really impressive gift for any woman or girl who likes a good pamper there and there. I will have reviews up as soon as i try these out but until then dont wait for me go to your local Body Shop store and smell , try it and if you like it buy it !!

Who wants one of these sets ?! Are you going to treat yourself to one ?!
Kisses xo


  1. Θα συμφωνήσω ότι είναι ένα πολύ ωραίο δώρο για κάποια που θέλει να φροντίζει τον εαυτό της! Είμαι μέλος στο blog σου με το όνομα όλγα κόνιαρη! Θα χαρώ πολύ αν θελήσεις να γίνεις κι εσύ μέλος στο δικό μου!

  2. I have the shower gel and I'm in love too!

  3. i love the body shop

    they have super cute stuff for christmas



  4. I want to try something from this collection!
    if you are going to buy another set, think about the vanilla one.

  5. Einai to pio teleio kouti apo ti sullogiii !!
    Na to fas ! :)

  6. It's so pretty! Even the box is super pretty, the perfect gingerbread man cookies box!
    I agree with Korina, vanilla smells amazing too :D

  7. Υπέροχη όλη η σειρά jinger sparlke!! Την λάτρεψα!! Μεγειά τα πραγματάκια σου!! :)

  8. simfono me oles sas :) xairome pou sas arese ! xo