Sunday, 11 November 2012

Samples I have been trying and loving !!

Hello Girls !
Now as mentioned in my title these are SAMPLES that i have received through buying items, i do realize these are sample size and that it is very hard to get a good opinion of an item if you dont try it for a long period of time. However i thought it would be a pretty cool post if you saw my opinions to a few samples i have and what i think of them so far ! Enjoy !

A-Derma Gentle makeup remover. 

I am very impressed with this item. Its the perfect makeup remover in my opinion and what a fab sample in a bottle. I have been using this to take off my makeup a few days and i have to say i really liked it. It took my makeup off quickly and gently. It didn sting my eyes , it took my eye makeup off normally. This would defintely be one of those items i would consider to buy. 

Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion

I got this free after purchasing some Caudalie cosmetics and this is one of the nicest body lotions i have ever tried. Its easily absorbed by my skin , it hydrates my skin and has a lovely spa like scent to it that reminds you of French skincare. I would defos buy this however i would check out firstly if they had any other scents available in this range just incase i find something that would be even more fabulous than this. 

Nuxe 24 H Moisture Emulsion

I only have a sachet of this however i must say this did suprisingly enough do a pretty good job on my skin. This is a really nice cream for anyone who wants their skin hydrated but to a certain point. This wont break you out in spots and it isnt greasy in my opinion. Personally this would be a cream i would purchase during summer when my skin is very dehydrated. This is very nice , do get a sample and try. 

Phyto Daily Intense Hydrating Cream (Hair) 

I have had a few samples of this and really liked it too. This was one of those creams that before i dried my hair i would apply some on my hairs ends and it would give this beautiful softness to my hair and scent. Its really nice for softening your hairs appearance. This is very nice at the moment i have my samples of this so every now and then i apply some on my hair so in the mean time i wont be buying it !

Thats everything girls ! What did you think ?! Have you ever discovered a product through a sample and now its a must have for you ?! Let me know !  
Kisses xo


  1. Oh that nuxe cream..... i got it as well from the pharmacy and it's
    a-m-a-z-i-ng ! I think i will have to buy it in full size for this winter.
    As for the makeup remover, have you tried the bioderma one? my holy grail

    xoxo :)

  2. It is very common to discover products throught samples, it is something I really love :D

  3. I love phyto7 so much!!!Amazing for my recently dyed hair that cannot be tamed any other way!! Love love love!!

  4. @anastasia no i havent but i have seen so many people rave about their products !!

    @smugnificent yeah me too !!!

    @menia im glad to hear girl <3

  5. Πολυ ομορφο το blog σου μολις εγινα μελος αν θελεις ριξε μια ματια και στο δικο μου θα χαρω πολυ να γινεις μελος του.

  6. Πολύ καλό το blog σου! Είμαι μέλος σε αυτό με το όνομα όλγα κόνιαρη! Αν θέλεις κάνε καμιά βόλτα και στο δικό μου blog. -BeautyStars

  7. @my own beautiful se euxaristo poli , tha peraso mia volta !! ;)

    @olga se euxaristo poli tha to kitakso kai to diko sou filia xo