Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Garnier Fructis Nourishing and Repairing Review

Hello !
Truth is i have so much stuff to review this is one of the reasons im always a bit delayed on my reviews. I like to finish a product before using another one , i believe its the right thing to do , im also an organisation freak. After a few months using this , im finally ready to do my review. 

Garnier Fructis Nourishing and Repairing Review 
May i start off by saying it wouldnt be Garnier if it didnt have its distinctive smell of fruit that lasts days. I noticed i would go to the gym and usually my hair would stink of sweatiness with this shampoo and conditioner my hair would still smell of shampoo. Which is great because it doesnt make me that smelly and i can sweat as much as i like and not worry about smelling in the gym. Obviously when i return i have a bath... Just checking. I love the new packaging , in general im huge fan when it comes to giving a product a makeover. The yellow colour makes it really stand out and i especially loved the packaging for the mask and the instant repair. 

The shampoo i loved, even though i suffer from hair loss it didnt make my hair fall out that much. I loved the fact that it makes lots of foam - this always makes me feel like ive washed my hair 100% more , organic shampoos that dont foam tend to get me paranoid about how clean my hair really is. It really does clean my hair perfectly and even if i dont use the conditioner or mask it still makes my hair look great. The conditioner and instand repair conditioner was something i altered everytime i washed my hair - one day i would use the conditioner and the other day the instant repair . Of course not forgetting once a week i would use the hair mask which is also fantastic and has a generous amount. In general these products are great for any woman who wants a non frizzy and shiny result to their hair. Would i buy this product again ?! Yes i would but i would get the volume range because my hair needs that extra poof ! The price is average as well ranging at around 5 euro each, in my opinion i find the price cheap for the result and the product. The only thing that let me down was the volume but that again was because this isnt for my hair type. 

Thank you so much for reading ! Who loves the Garnier Fructis smell ?!
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  1. Aww the smell! I love the fact that it lasts till the next day!