Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask

Hello Ladies !
You will probably remember a post i had wrote for you guys with photos and videos from the GBB Meeting. If any of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen the lovely goodies i got from the meeting. One of the things i got was this Mario Badescu Collagen Mask (sample size) . Mario Badescu was apparently Romanian and he opened his first shop in New York and now it is packed of celebrities. Not just any celebrities , really famous ones who swear by his skincare , dont believe me check his website where they have signed autographs and all the celebrities names. I was really intrigued into finding out how great this skincare range really is...

Mario Badescu Collagen Mask Review 
One of the things that took me by suprise firstly was the texture of the mask. The texture is really thick and it looks like green clay mask. I cant actually describe the masks texture without making it sound 'bad' when its not, i loved it. The smell is very natural and discreet. The sample got me 3-4 tries of this facial mask which is very generous so imagine how long the normal size would last. 

I know im only 22 years old but i love the idea of a collagen face mask. What a fantastic confidence booster... I left this mask on until it dried out and then when i washed it off ,my face felt a little bit tighter and more smoother. I think one of the main things i loved about the results was that feel good feeling i had for my skin. Once again i know im young to know much about wrinkles and be able to comment however i see it as a once every two weeks treatment that i can put on in replacement to any anti wrinkle cream. This is great for me because i have acne prone skin so my priority is keeping my skin calm , this mask allows me to continue my treatment for my acne problem but every now and again remind me to treat my skin against ageing. May i also mention it didnt cause me any problems with my acne if anything it helped it calm down and helped take the redness away. 

I am planning on buying this mask full size next month. This month i have bought Mario Badescu Blemish Set which looks fantastic and will be arriving soon from the lovely BeautyBay website. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the brand click here and anyone who would like to buy this product click here .

Let me know do you love this mask ?!
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  1. I think starting antiaging products in the 20 is a great idea. Im going that now. I want to look young for as long as i can. I think i will splurge on this.

  2. I got some super cute sample from them some times ago but wasn't really impressed with anything!

  3. Egw etoixa to collagen moisturizer, poly wraio episis!