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10 Makeup/Fashion Mistakes I Hate TAG.

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Today i am going to do a tag to tell you all about fashion or makeup mistakes i hate. I was tagged by Dimitra and i really loved the stuff she had to say on her blog and all the other girls. I hope you enjoy my tag and hopefully agree with me on most things and do let me know if you would like to see me do more tags. 

10 Makeup/Fashion Mistakes I Hate TAG.

1) Girls who have thin eyebrows: Im not talking about the girls who have thin eyebrows or fine hair on the brows. Im talking about the girls who have these beautiful brows and they they go and shave them off and draw just a line of an eyebrow with a pencil or they get them tattooed on. The girls who also just pluck their eyebrows way too much so it appears as thin line, hate it. 

2) Girls who feel the need to colour coordinate everything they are wearing: It drives me insane! I have had many friends who have felt the need to wear green eyeshadow, green top, green belt, green bag and green shoes. You look like a giant green plant , stop doing it . 

3) Women who dont dress their age: This is annoying and embaressing in my opinion. This is mostly aimed at older ages. I cant stand it when you see women who are mothers and over 35 still dressing like they are 18 years old. At that age the only thing that should be describing what you are wearing is classy and elegant. 

4) Women who dont look after themselves appearance wise : I have noticed a lot of times a lot of women who have walked past me who are so beautiful but look so dirty. The women who also get married and just forget themselves and let themselves become unattractive. I think no matter what is going on you should always remember to make yourself feel beautiful wether that means treating yourself to a spa day , exercising , putting some makeup on or buying yourself some new clothes that make you feel sexy as a women . 

5) Smokey eyes and Bright lips: A favourite for this tag by the looks of things , it really doesnt look nice. You cant have in your face lips and in your face eyes and sometimes even bright blusher. Its too much... The whole point of makeup is to tone certain points of your face when you tone everything up on your face , your face kind of gets lost and noone knows what to look at first. 

6) Always wearing makeup: I dont think its healthy at all and i dont think its right too feel the constant pressure of having to wear makeup all the time and not being able to embrace your natural beauty. No matter how bad you look we all have a natural beauty inside of us. I think instead of always feeling the need to cover up your blemishes or those dark circles why dont you instead try and find a solution to banishing them so you can always feel comfy with yourself when you dont wear makeup. 

7) Not taking your makeup off before you go to sleep: I dont know how girls manage it , i hate the feeling of sweating with last nights makeup on while im sleeping and knowing that my pores are getting clogged up. Always take your makeup off , only once in my life i never took it off and that was because i didnt know and i was like 15. I see so many women early in the morning who wake up with last nights makeup its terrible. 

8)Makeup that is cheap and nasty: There are some types of makeup that i find cheap and nasty , a 1 euro mascara in my opinion probably isnt the best of options. I understand some girls might not have the kind of money to buy a mascara but at least try to save up like 6 euro to get yourself a mascara from your local beauty store than your local market sale. Foundation is mostly what concerns me it something we apply daily to our skin and that our skin is breathing through , if this stuff aint good you can get severe skin problems. 

9) Women who dont dress for the size: Truth is i have met women who are what you would call 'chubby' yet i see them wearing a tight fitted top which means when they sit down all you see is her belly and women who wear mini skirts and shorts. What was she thinking... Suprisingly enough even if you are a little bit overweight you can still look sexy without having to show it all off. Dress cleverly , google it and you will find lots of ideas...

10) Women who feel the need to show it all off: Yes your body is fab i agree but im really sick of seeing your boobs and your underwear all the time. I know men like it but you really are giving the wrong message to all the guys looking at you. Dress how you like but dont afterwards say he broke my heart and he only used me for this and i have discussed this subject with many guys before and they have always described these kind of girls like not the kind of girls you fall in love with. 

Thanks Girls for Reading ! I tag anyone reading this to do the tag !
I hope you liked the tag !
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  1. nice pic selection. I agree with most of what you mention. Nice post. :)

  2. hahaha amazing!
    Symfwnw me oles tis epiloges!

  3. Συμφωνω με ολα και προσθετω τα πολυ μακρυα νυχια που τα βρισκω αντιαισθητικα.

  4. Πολύ ωραίο post!!!! Συμφωνώ με όλα!!!! Το πιο άσχημο από πλευράς αισθητικής για εμένα γυναίκες πιο μεγάλης ηλικίας που ντύνονται σαν 18χρονά κοριτσάκια ενώ υπάρχουν τόσο όμορφα ρούχα που μπορούν να δείχνουν θεές μ' αυτά!!!!

  5. Totally agree with you, great post!

  6. chic ... thanks ;)
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    stella.. simfono :)
    maria... simfono einai poli oti na nai :/
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