Saturday, 2 February 2013

Beauty Bay Haul Unboxing Video

Hello Ladies !
I dont know about you girls but one of my favourite things to watch is people unboxing parcels or gifts they have received. It gets me all excited and strangely enough it makes me feel like i have had my dose of shopping therapy for the week. This parcel came last week and i delayed doing this post because i had other things i had to write about before mentioning this. I hope you enjoy the video and if you would like to see more of these videos let me know !
I will have links below for everything i have bought !

Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit : HERE
Art Deco Eye Primer : HERE
Healthy Sexy Hair Shampoo : HERE
Babyliss Triple Barrel Waver : HERE

Free Delivery Worldwide 
I also paid an extra 2 euro to upgrade to premium !

Thanks for watching !!
Kisses xo


  1. LOVELY video!thar babyliss waver looks amazing! let me know of the results :) xxx

  2. Ένα μεγάάάλο LIKE!!!

  3. Omg you have to review them! Especially the mario badescu products! I've been wanting to try them really badly :P
    Let us know about the drying lotion !!

    many kisses :D

  4. @fashion yes i shall :) review and tutorial coming !
    @syros se euxaristo poli <333

    @anastasia i shall do , i am planning on doing a video showing you what they are like :)