Monday, 25 February 2013

Coffee Break Kozani Feb

Hello !
It was that time of the month again where i meet up with my local bloggers and go for coffee and discuss things all about makeup. We didnt take as many photos this time but we certainly had a great time! There was only four of us at this months coffee break , the other two girls from my town couldnt make it which was bad times... Enjoy my little summary of what happened and what we discussed!

GBB Coffee Break 24/2/2013
It seems everytime i go with these ladies for coffee we all never run out of stuff to say, there is always something we havent discussed. Ioanna brought with her , her cute little daughter who looked like a mini fashion blogger. She had this fab pink trench coat on and her hair was tied in two little ponytails. So cuteeee! Ioanna and Sofia arrived together and then a couple of minutes later Zoe did. We sat and drank our teas and cappuccino's and discussed everything. 

That including dinosaurs hiding in the bathroom (hahaha for Ioannas little girl) and what we will be dressing up as for the Greek Carnival. The Greek Carnival is basically two weeks of dressing up and partying and we decided to do a girls night out , well bloggers lol and dress up as something. We have some ideas but none that i can share yet , you will just have to wait and see the photographs. The great thing is we were sat trying to think of ideas of how to make outfits or how to do the makeup and trying to persuade Ioanna to dress up - DRESS UP WITH US PLEASE. 

We talked about food, chocolate and biscuits. It was just so fun , its so nice meeting up with women you have the same interests with because the truth is ive had lots of friends but not a lot of them where that into makeup as much as i was. Its nice to share my beautyholic condition with other peeps! I would really like to see in the next coffee break girls coming who arent necessarily bloggers but are just girls who like beauty or who read our blogs. The bigger the group, the more beauty secrets will be spilled mwaahaha. 

Ioanna and Sofia's Blog HERE
Zoe's Blog HERE.

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  1. Για να μην τραβήξατε πολλές φωτογραφίες, φαντάζομαι πόσο τέλεια θα περάσετε συζητώντας!!!
    Μπράβο, βρε κορίτσια!!!
    Καλή εβδομάδα!!!

  2. @lady pa thank you !!!
    @gianna! exeis dikio kai se auto , protou figei i ioanna eipame na vgoume foto , fandasou :p Euxaristo poli !

  3. κρίμα που δε μπόρεσα να ρθω. Θα τα πούμε σίγουρα στο επόμενο. :)