Friday, 22 February 2013

Karin Herzog Products Review

Hello !
I was sent two lovely products a while back from Karin Herzog , i was told they have a really great skincare line for anyone who suffers from acne. I do have problematic skin so i was really excited to see what this skincare range was all about. I do hope you enjoy the review and remember my opinion may be different to someone elses always look at my reviews as a guide rather than a statement. 

Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 3 Face Cream 
I foung the packaging for this cream very handy it was small and in a squeezy tube which is good because when you get to the end of the bottle you will be able to get out every last drop. I have tried creams where the packaging has been so bad and because of it i have lost 25 % of the product. These products have oxygen in which apparently helps clear your skin up. I applied this morning and night everyday and sadly didnt find really good results with this. My skin broke out which i was told it was going to before getting sent this cream. I dont have a problem with my skin breaking out at all i find it completely natural and healthy for the skin to then afterwards help repair it. The thing with this cream was that i didnt find it helped clear up my skin neither calm it. I dont know if maybe i needed the whole range of products to help clear my skin from this brand but this cream on its own till it emptied just kept breaking my skin out. This is probably a product i wouldnt buy again because i am looking for something that would help calm my blemishes and hopefully banish them. This product costs 30 euro which in my opinion is expensive for 15 ml worth of product. 
You can check out this product HERE.

Karin Herzog Mild Scrub 
This has got to be one of the nicest scrubs i have tried for my face. Once again the packaging is very nice and easy to use. This scrub has as well this oxygen ingredient however it actually didnt make my skin break out. Everytime i shower and my pores are open i pause a minute to scrub my face with this product and then rinse it off for that good hot cleanse. I have found it to actually help control my blemishes and help give my skin a really soft feeling afterwards. The texture of the scrub isnt one of those hard rough scrubs it has like micro beads inside that you can just about feel. This product costs 40 euro and it is 50ml the price is expensive but if you do have the money and need a new facial scrub , i think you should check this one out !
Find out more about this product HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this review and i hope you do check out Karin Herzog products. If you do want to try out the products the only thing i can recommend is to get yourself a sample and see for yourself what you think about the products. 
Let me know have you tried Karin Herzog products and whats your opinion on them ?!
Kisses xo 

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