Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bioten New Products Review

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I was sent a while back a few lovely products to try from Bioten. These are new items in their range that have just recently come out. So far out of all the products they sent me i have only managed to try out the two items you will see below. I hope you enjoy these lovely reviews and i look forward to reading your comments. 

Bioten Reviews !
Bioten Skin Moisture Hydrating Cleansing Milk : One of the things i love about Bioten products are that they are cheap and good. They are also very healthy for your skin. This cleansing milk was really put to the test with all my crazy makeup looks i had going on for this years Greek Carnival. The bottle is really nice for packaging and you can take off the lid quickly , the product itself smells fresh and apparently of quince. This really does get the job done , i normally use it to take my eye makeup off depending on how much eye makeup i have. All i do is place some on two cotton pads and get wiping and walla !! Even though my skin has blemishes this was really nice towards them and didnt really effect them in any sort of way. This cleanser is for normal to combination skin and can be bought at your local supermarket store here in Greece. Great product.

Bioten Skin Moisture 24 HR Cream : Once again another product that i really liked from Bioten. I know lots of girls who dont take care of their skin and dont even apply facial cream, some because it just works better for them and some because they just dont care. Trust me you may not care now but in the future you will so make sure you apply facial cream morning and night. This cream is again cheap and can be found at your local supermarket store here in Greece. It is for normal to combination skin and comes in a generous jar of 50ml which has lasted me over month now and i am still going! The cream smells of quince like the previous product and the packaging is really easy to use. I tend to apply this cream morning and night and sometimes before putting my makeup on. I found this cream didnt make any changes to my skin and its blemishes and if anything helped my skin look better and hydrated. 

Bioten products are great as mentioned above because they are cheap and do their job. What i like about this brand is it gives every girl no matter her budget a chance to be able to look after her skin like a pro. If you keep your eyes open they normally have offers on such as buy one get one free in your local supermarket. Do try them out , im sure you will like them !
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  1. Sounds like amazing products. I have been trying to find a good moisturizer for the face that photographs well.. Check out my blog

  2. I love Bioten products, the quality, the prices and of course the smell!!

  3. πολύ ωραίο το blog σου!! αν θες ρίξε μια ματιά και στο δικό μου!!