Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy Womens Day !

Hello Girls !
I wanted to do a quick blog post to just wish a Happy Womens Day to all of us women ! I hope you all do something really exciting with your female friends today and if not at least try and dedicate a part of today to doing something girly. I want to also share with you a few photos and quotes dedicated to women and some of my photos from last night (Tsiknopempti). 

A few beautiful quotes i came across that i thought relate to women so much . 

I also want to finish this post by showing you a few photos from last night. Yesterday was Tsiknopempti which is part of the 2 week Greek Carnival , its a day you basically barbeque - we instead went out and ate on the night at a lovely Greek Taverna and drank white wine.

My leopard eyes , arent they fab ! ?

Thats everything for now , tonight i plan to go out with my lady friends and we are dressing up as something i dont want to reveal yet for the Greek Carnival ! Its going to be fab ! Dont forget to treat yourself today !!
Kisses xo 

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  1. Τέλειο το eye make up. Happy womens day