Friday, 29 March 2013

Mastic Spa Review

Hello !!
Today i am going to share with you my thoughts on a few products i was sent by Mastic Spa. These products have took me a long time to review because i wanted to wait until i was completely finished with the other products i was using at the time and then start fresh with these. I hope you enjoy the reviews :) 

Mastic Spa Reviews 
After Shaving & Depilation Emollient Balsam : This product was made for us women , the truth is when it comes to hair removal i feel like us ladies dont get much products that are made for us for after the hair removal. The amount of times i have wrote on my blog about hair removal i noticed most women were interested in what cream i used after shaving/waxing because they suffered from the horrible red bumps (which look terrible in summer). Thank God Mastic Spa have a cream especially for us ladies. 

The good thing with this cream is that you dont need a lot which means in the long run it will last you quite a while and is worth the money. The whole point of this cream is that after you wax or you shave , you apply this gently and massage it onto the area and it makes sure you dont get any redness or bumps. I really like the packaging its so different and full of information and the colour of the product. It smells like nothing you have really smelt before and i think that is because it has kokum butter which comes from India. Its really nice though !! 

This is a must have for any for us ladies no matter which hair removal option you opt for. I strongly recommend you get your hands on one of these now that summer is slowly coming. This tends to be the season where i start waxing so i will probably have a post up sometime next week showing how i do hair removal and showing you the before and after results and i will try my best to show you the results with this cream. So far i have been using it after showering and shaving on my legs and i have never felt any discomfort so far. 

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Cocoa Wine Scrub : A lovely scrub that i managed to finish in two weeks. Dont get me wrong there is a lot of product its just i tend to scrub my body everytime i shower all over , of course its going to run out quickly. I loved the colour and the smell of it and the packaging was great. I felt it scrubbed my body gently and at the same time left a lovely scent to my skin. I did like the scrub but i have to admit i am more into thicker body scrub that are more oil based. It was really nice to apply before shaving especially for better hair removal results. 

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(I couldnt find the link for the body scrub so i linked you guys up to the body cream.) 

Intensive Moisturising Serum : This product would just never finish , it certainly lasted me a while. I placed it underneath my makeup and any day cream i was wearing , i also applied this day and night everyday. It really didnt effect in any way my blemishes and was really nice and hydrating for my skin. This is one of those lovely serums for summer that give you a nice refreshing feel to your skin. It smelt of cocoa butter which for me was odd because im used to applying cocoa butter cream to my body , so when i was applying this cream to my face i felt like i was doing something wrong hahaha. The great thing about this serum is that for me it kept my skin hydrated just perfectly , not too much which was good news for my blemishes. 

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Thats about it !! I hope you enjoyed my reviews for the lovely Mastic Spa Products. Let me know what your favourite Mastic Spa product is !! 
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  1. Συμφωνώ για το scrub, είναι light και το χρησιμοποιώ συνέχεια!