Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More photos from the Carnival

Hello Girls !
I didnt think i would say this but i am so glad the carnival is finally over. I am so tired from it , from going out and just having to do my makeup for hours and then taking it off which was so hard. Once the carnival was over i treated my skin to two facial masks and an eye mask and lots of water. Thankfully my skin is finally starting to glow a bit after that much makeup and glue on my face. I wanted to share with you some photographs from Saturday and Sunday Night , all makeup was done by me. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and likes on my facebook page , im so happy you liked them. Im just sad i didnt have time to film a video and show you how i did these looks. Enjoy the photos girls !

Saturday Night 
This look was inspired by a mixture of things. Most of the inspiration came from Katy Perry Video ET and i also changed some things and added the gold to make it look more like a princess alien kind of thing. My boyfriend wanted me to a half skeleton on his face which took me quite a while, it was so hard to take off afterwards!!

Sunday Night
Oh my did i party my backside off on this final day. I swear to god we were all messes. Me and my boyfriend dressed up as Zombies and i decided with me to take a red lipstick, a lipgloss and the fake blood. Bad idea. We ended up writing on each others face and covering ourselves horribly in fake blood hahaha. The next day everyone was mad at me because the red blood stained their skin and it wouldnt come off !!! Good Times. 

As you can tell i was really acting out the part of a zombie , i just kept biting everyone!! 
I hope you liked the photos and the makeup !
Let me know your thoughts and most importantly what you dressed up as !!
Lots of Kisses xo


  1. loooove both looks! my fave is the 'katy perry' one! you seemed to really gave your all at this carnival :) xxx

  2. hahaha thanks so much!! i feel like i only gave 75 % nxt year im going to be more organised and have costumes and wigs. I love dressing up :)

  3. are those pictures from halloween? i hope so cause carnival you should hyve fun and dress up funny..... zombies are not funny

    i think you are 5 months too late with this costumes :D



  4. here in greece the carnival is all about dressing up how you want to dress up. in greece halloween isnt really celebrated and noone tends to dress up for it or do anything. The zombies werent supposed to be funny :p