Friday, 1 March 2013

My Erre Due Makeover

Hello !!
The other day me and Zoe went to Hondos Center which is our local beauty shop to get a makeover done by Erre Due. Erre Due is a Greek brand that has lots of lovely and very colourful makeup to choose from. The makeup artist explained to us the products Erre Due has and even told us some of her favourites. Her makeup looked beautiful on her , she had this smokey eye teamed up with a baby pink nude lipstick she looked fab. She did Zoe's makeup first and then mine , enjoy the pics below.

Erre Due Makeup 

A lovely natural eye that is toned up by her pinky red lips. I think this is a lovely look for daytime and night time and it can easily be glammed up by false eyelashes on a night !! 

The eyes looked really great the way she did them and she chose to put a nude lipstick on me and some blusher. In my opinion this is more of a nightime look if combined with some lipgloss and false lashes of course :p .

Products used.
Skin Perfection no.8 
Solution Concealer no.3 
Camouflage no.3 
Wet and Dry for Eyes 479,494
Luxury Eye pencil no.1
X-cess 3D Mascara 
Wet and Dry for Cheeks 413
Full Colour Lipstick no.14 

I really liked the foundation , concealer, eye pencil and the lipstick. 
Let me show you some more stuff i loved...

Arent these colours beautiful ?! Really would love to get one of these eyeshadows!
Check out ERRE DUE here !
Kisses xo


  1. Kale ti wraies pou eimaste....xaxa!

  2. Και όμορφα χρώματα, κ' σου πηγαίνει πολύ το συγκεκριμένο maquillage!!!
    Καλό μήναααααααα!!!

  3. κουκλες κοριτσια!πολυ ωραιο το μακιγιαζ που σας εκαναν!