Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Skin Pampering Day with The Body Shop .

Good Morning !
I got invited along with Zoi from Zoi Loves to go and get out skin pampered at The Body Shop. Truth is we didnt really know what to expect and what we were going to do. When they told me i was getting a facial done i was in heaven, not to mention the girl who gave me the facial has the most amazing hands for massage. I wanted to show you below a few photos of me getting my facial done and the products used and even some fab swatches of some new products from TBS. Enjoy this post. 

Mine and Zoi's Face Pampering.
As mentioned above we didnt really know what we were going to do so we went with makeup on and arrived to our local TBS shop. We decided i should go first i sat on the chair and that was were the magic began. She used certain products that were perfect for my skin , she also exfoliated my face and even placed a mask on my face. This is me and Zoi below being happy bunnys !!

Products Used on Me
Vitamin E Cream Cleanser 
Vitamin E Toner 
Seaweed Scrub 
Nutriganics Drops of Youth 
Tea Tree Pore Minimiser 
Seaweed Day Moisturiser 
Tea Tree Face Mask 
Vitamin C Spritz 
Cool BB Cream 



The girl at TBS used on me a lot of Tea Tree Oil products , some of the Seaweed range and a product from The Vitamin C Range. 

The above are just some of the products that were used on me and Zoi . One of the ranges that really stood out to me more than i expected was the Tea Tree Oil range. When she placed the mask on my face and then  the creams my face felt icy , clean and cool. It was one of the most amazing feelings i had on my face ever. The Seaweed range i loved and i also liked the Vitamin C range which smelled like oranges and their suncream was fab as well. 

The above photos show TBS new face masks that come in a sachet and only cost 2 euro each. This was one of the best things TBS has done in my opinion. I dont know why but i find masks that are in sachets are more appealing to me than masks in tubes. I think thats because they are cheap enough for you to buy different ones and be able to mix and match to suit your face's needs. The vitamin C sachet is a scrub the rest of them are face masks. I bought the Tea Tree and Seaweed mask. 

At the end of our facial treatment i asked if i could try the new BB cream and of course she placed it all over my face. What i liked about it was that it was really really light , this really is just like a skin moisturiser with a tint. I wish it came out in more shades though. I have to say i think this is perfect for summer because most of us dont wear makeup on the hot summer days , i find that this bb cream is great for giving you that glow. 

We had such a fabulous time at TBS and i must say we noticed afterwards our skin was glowing. The funny thing was when we went there we were really sceptical about not having any makeup since we had a few break outs on our face but after the treatment we felt like our skin was so clean and beautiful and we didnt even think twice about walking around with our skin so bare. 

Everyone can go every Tuesday to their local TBS as long as they book an appointment first and when you do go you will also get 20% off skincare. Dont miss out on it , you will have a fab time!
I hope you liked my post , let me know your thoughts !!
Kisses xo


  1. Νομίζω ότι με έπεισες να πάω. Αργεί και η τρίτη. Lol.

  2. τι γίνεται την τρίτη;;;;; πρέπει να πάω! :)
    ζηλεψα :P

  3. δε το ήξερα αυτό,ανυπομονώ να έρθει η τρίτη ζήλεψα κ εγώ! αυτή η ΒΒ cream μου έχει κινήσει το ενδιαφέρον!

  4. @xristina prepei na pas opos dipote !!
    @devilishly pigena AMESOS !!!
    @beauty min ksexaseis na kleiseis randevou !!