Friday, 12 April 2013

Avon Colortrend Lipsticks

Hello !!
The weather is so nice here in Greece , i swear its like summer. I am finally getting in the mood for summer and i have been getting all my summer must have products out , suncream, wax kits,body butter and foot cream. I have also started a diet , its a twelve week diet and if i manage to stick to it i should lose a lot of weight and hopefully achieve that summer body i have always wanted. As soon as i get to see how my body is responding to it i shall do a review for you guys :). Today im going to share with you some of my Avon Colortrend Lipsticks, enjoy !!

Avon Colotrend Lipsticks
This certainly used to be for me a brand i would never really buy any makeup from at all but ever since they came out with the new look im sure they changed the formula as well as the lipsticks are fab! I first bought one because i wanted to rock the trend as well of purple lips but i wasnt sure if i would like it and if my money would just go to waste. I decided to buy one from Avon which was around 5 euro and try it out. The great news was i loved the colour on me and i loved the lipstick to my surprise. The quality is really good for 5 euro and if you put underneath lipliner and shade all your lips in , it stays on even longer and gives the colour a bit of a boost. Today i have three shades i want to share with you which are really nice !!

Violet Friday: The lipstick everyone seemed to ask me where i got from and the first lipstick i got! It is like a bright purple , really nice !!

Hot Pink Love: Is a shimmery pink and it was from the Valentines Day collection!

Orange You Sweet : I think orange is the new colour for summer , this looks like a coral but has more orange tones inside. It will look fab in summer especially if you have a tan !!

Thats all from me girls let me know which did you like best ?!
Kisses xo


  1. Φαίνονται τέλεια. Δεν έχω δοκιμάσει ποτέ κραγιόν Avon. Μάλλον αυτό πρέπει να αλλάξει.

  2. @xristina dokimase einai orea kai oikonomika (ama ta vreis se prosfora !!

    @beauty to agapimeno mou einai !!! :)

  3. exw to orange you sweet einai polu wraio kai exw paraggeilei twra to hot pink love^_^