Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blemish/Acne Problems

Hello Girls !
Today i wanted to share with you something i discovered about a year ago from my local dermatlogist. When i went to see him i originally asked about getting some laser treatment done to get rid of scarring. The truth is i dont really have acne, i just have skin that is prone to blemishes and blackheads and some scars on my face. He originally gave me a cream to use called Erybenz which at the time cost me 40 euro to buy and it was really difficult for me to pay this amount everytime it finished. Instead i found this cream that i am going to talk about , keep reading to find out more !!

Frezyderm Zarcad 
My aunt had a good pharmacist friend who she rang up on my behalf and asked if there was something similar on the market. He then told us that Zarcad is exactly the same and half the price . You are probably thinking well why did your dermatologist give you something double the price. Well according to the pharmacist , these companies that make medicines approach the doctor and pay him to recommend a certain medicine to us or a certain brand so they will certainly make money everytime. 

Lets talk about the cream. The cream is two tubes that you mix together only half the solution of each , place in the jar and store in the fridge. What this basically does is dry out blemishes or acne and i have found it has helped with scarring. You apply this cream on a night , before you go to sleep and you should get a really strong chemical smell up your nose and you should feel like your skin has dried out almost like your wearing a mask. In the morning when you will wake up you will probably find there are bits of the solution still on your face. 

The bad thing is because it dries out your skin so much , if you use it on a regular basis for example every night your skin will start becoming painfully dry and you may even suffer from some redness that almost feels like a burn. The doctor doesnt really tell you to use a moisturising cream but i say dont listen to him . Buy a moisturising cream that is for oily skin and apply that in the morning and try using the Zarcad cream every 2-3 nights and all the other nights use a moisturising cream. 

I have been using this on my face and even on my back which i have just recently started getting blemishes. This Zarcad cream only costs 12 euro now (it used to cost 20 euro) and now the Erybenz cream is 20 euro from 40 euro. Glad to see some reductions in the prices. If you do suffer from acne or blemishes please do try out this cream and as i said make sure you see how your skin responds to it , if you see it starts to become dry - stop and moisturise. 

I hope you liked this post !!
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  1. Πωω τι μου θύμησες! Την χρησιμοποιούσα πέρσι τέτοια εποχή και μου είχε προκαλέσει τρομερή ξηροδερμία.. Σε συνδυασμό με την υπόλοιπη μου αγωγή θεωρώ ότι έκανε δουλειά.. :)

  2. Poli kali douleia ekane gia mena :)

  3. This was a lifesaver for me when i acne no more book pdf free download got real bad acne breakouts last year.. thanks for the review xD